It quickly becomes time to return to work. You both walk back to the office, but now you're really confused.

Your lunch hour having expired, you walk slowly back to the office with Brenda in tow. Wondering to yourself all along what the deal was with 1275 Main Street and the fnotorious Smith Conglomerate.

As you approach the last street corner before hitting your office tower, you notice a large blimp flying directly above the street at a relative low altitude. The airship appears to be carrying some kind of jumbotron device. You can't quite make it out, though.

Brenda glances up to see what you're looking at — your mediocre eyesight defeats you yet again as you attempt to decipher what the digital display reads. Brenda stops dead in her tracks.

"What the hell?"

"What's the problem?" you ask.

"Can't you read, dumbass? Look at jumbotron on that thing."

"What about it? I left my glasses at the office.. I'm nearsighted, or is your memory going? Maybe you should skip 4:20 today..."

"Okay, okay. Jeez.. one little toke... Uhm. It says "KING FOR A DAY! Visit 1275 Main Street today — YES, YOU." Yeah, those last two words are in caps."

You frown. They can't be referring to you, specifically. Can they?

Brenda looks up again and reads out the updated jumbotron:


You scratch your head for a moment, wondering what the hell is going on here.

The End

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