King Arthur's Journal

I, Arthur, on the day of my coronation as King of Camelot, do begin with my own hand this journal of the thoughts and proceedings of my reign as sovereign of the realm.  May no human eye read the words of these pages for one thousand years, and then by only those who treat these accounts with holy reverence and sober respect.

The First Day, the First Year:  I shall feel upon my brow for the first time, the weight of the crown of Camelot and upon these mortal shoulders the weight of Camelot's Destiny.  Ah, but if I could have had the fate of Merlin, I would know the unknown course upon which I now embark.  I will be King over all in this realm, all those who draw breath in this mystic air will soon be kin unto me.  Yet, I feel so all alone.  Merlin come to me.



The End

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