Third Wheel Syndrome

Since Rio discovered his superpowers, he's joined Roxy, AKA Star Lass, as "Willpower". In the past month, the two have become popular heroes in Humble, respected by citizens and notorious in the crime community.

However, the two would eventually begin to endure a crisis that would come to threaten their bond.

Roxy came by her old high school to see Rio after classes were done; he was walking in her direction with some other girl.

"Huh," she smirked. "I guess you were right about finding a new friend" She smiled and joked, "I just hope it doesn't mean you're too busy for me."

He chuckled "Good one, Roxy. Claire's mom had to rush for a story over in Humble and I offered to drive her home."

"Claire?" she turned to the tall, auburn haired teen who was wearing round glasses with cutting blue eyes, a green longcoat, and a black skirt with snug jeans underneath and long, black laced boots. "I thought you said her name was Esther."

"I prefer to go by my middle name." She said in a sluggish yet affable monotone voice. "I take it you're Roxanne."

"Yes, I am."

"Rio said you and I would get along, but I doubt it."


Roxy observed her; guessing from her unconventional appearance and bored tone, she was a loner, much like she used to be before meeting Rio. And if she was like herself, she would enjoy a good joke at her own expense.

"Whatever kind of look you were going for, you're way off."

"Don't be silly, I look stupid. Stupid seems to be what's big around here."

"Ah, so you are a snark. But you know a sharp tongue and cynical attitude does not a keen mind make." Roxy shot back, surprised she was dealing with someone who shared her wit.

"That's okay, I'll lend you mine." Claire smirked, also surprised she found someone other than the idiots she dealt with where she used to live.

On the ride back to Claire's house, it was oddly quiet. Roxy, for reasons she wasn't sure about, felt threatened. It didn't get any better when they reached their destination.

"Well, nice meeting you, Claire, but Rio and I have to head back home. So many video games, so little time." She still couldn't figure out why she felt some animosity toward her new friend.

"Actually, Claire and I have other plans. You don't mind, do you?"


There was her answer: she, in fact, did mind. She was afraid that Rio had a crush on his new friend. She was afraid he'd leave her behind like he did when they were younger. She was afraid she would spend the rest of her life alone. However, she didn't want to say anything that made him feel like he was hurting her. She didn't feel right lying to him, but thought it was for the best. "No, I don't mind."

"Of course not, I know you pretty well. If you were honest, you'd come out and say it. I know you have a thing for me," Roxy's eyes shot up and her cheeks turned red. "but knowing you aren't jealous is great. Come on, Claire."

"Okay. Great seeing you again, Roxanne." She said as they went inside and left Roxy to walk home alone. Fortunately, it wasn't too far so she could fly without much people noticing her.


The next day, a bored Roxy was alone in her room.

"Why do I care about who Rio hangs out with? I mean it's not like we're going out or anything. Right?" she asked the stuffed animal she slept with as a kid. "...Yeah, you're right. Hmm? Yes, I'm aware I'm the only one here. I just need to find a way to cope to the madness of losing my only friend." She paused again. "No, no, you're my friend, I mean a human friend... Okay, okay. I just- hey, don't get snappy with me, or I'll rip a hole through your chest like I did when I was 10." She looked around, and sighed "God, I have lost it. I need to go see him."

She walked across the street to Rio's house and rang the doorbell.

"Hey, Rox."

"...H-hi" she hesitated. "Look, I wanted to apologize about yesterday. I actually did mind you two going out on a Friday night, especially without me."

"So why didn't you say anything?"

"I... I was afraid you would feel hurt."

"Hurt? Of course not. Only way I'd feel hurt is if you punched me in the face." He grinned, then tilted his head a little. "Oh, hi there. How's it going?"

"You already told me-" she turned to see Claire walking to the door. "...oh."

"Hey, Roxanne."

"You can call her Roxy."

"No," she objected "I prefer we keep it formal."

"Roxy, listen. We kinda have to get somewhere and talk."

"I understand." She took her swift leave.

"I didn't say whether or not I meant you, too!" he called to her.

"You didn't have to!" She called back.


Roxy, back home watching TV, heard a knock on the door and opened it to see it was her friend.

"Roxy." He said with a little concern for his friend.

"Rio." She said with a little discontent for her friend.

"Look, I'm sorry not letting you tag along with me and Claire earlier."

"As in 'yesterday' earlier or '2 hours ago' earlier?"

He walked into the house "Very funny, but both. It's a private matter that I couldn't let you know about."

"I'll bet that was it." She muttered under her breath.

"But if you forgive me, you can come hang out with us tomorrow. What do you say?"

"Look, Rio." she said, still standing near the door. "Just forget it." She re-opened the door, gesturing him to leave.

"Roxy, please. I'm trying to help you--"

"Good night, Macario." He was pushed out of her house.

"But it's five-thirty..." she interrupted him by coldly closing the door in front of her as she went into her room.

After several days of trouble sleeping, she was tired enough to sleep much earlier than usual. She stripped herself except for her shirt and lied on the bed, beginning to pleasure herself as her sexual frustration was oddly high lately. "I'm sorry, Rio, I'm so sorry," she quietly moaned. "If only I wasn't so scared, I could tell you how I feel."

Roxy spent several minutes working out her urges and when she was finished, she softly cried herself to sleep.

The End

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