Shadow and Sorcery

My name is Leila Ross. By day, I'm a successful beauty agent also a participant in many programs dedicated to helping less fortunate children in our city, but by night... I'm a superhero.

It all started in 1996, when my parents and I were driving from the theater after movie night. Suddenly another car crashed into us. They were afraid it was "them". I'm still not sure who "they" were but the next thing I knew, I was watching my mom and dad being brutally assaulted by two Kinetics stronger then they were.

"What about the girl?" one asked, I expected referring to me as I hid in the car before they could spot me.

"Forget her" the other kinetic said. "I hear sirens, let's get the hell outta here before the boss has to pay our bail again." I heard the wheels of their still intact car peel out and quickly drive away. That experience left me completely traumatized.

Since the day of my parents' funeral and being taken in by our next door neighbors, the Macbeths, I promised myself I would do everything I could to hunt down the two who were responsible for crushing my childhood into bits.

The neighbors' son, Scott, was a few years older than me and had been practicing in magic arts. He was willing to help me with my plight.

Time passed and soon he, then I, graduated; we decided to go our separate ways. I had gotten a degree in cosmetology and the next thing I knew I found myself to be one of the wealthiest women in the state. Scott had trained to master the ever growing arcane abilities he had access to.

It was around November 2008 when the two of us crossed paths at a diner.

I sipped on a cup of coffee "How's life, Scott?" I grinned, "Haven't seen you in ages."

"Well, you know" he said, gloomy as usual "just training. How about you, anything about your parents come up?"

"You know it sounds really mean, but I actually forgot to look into it. I've been busy with all the business stuff I've had to do."

"I can tell, what with the billboard across the street" he pointed to the "Ross Model Agency" sign towering above us. "You've done good, I'm sure they would be really proud of you."

I blushed in embarrassment "Oh, go on. I never took you for the flirting type, Scotty."

It was his turn to blush. "I-I wasn't flirting" he insisted monotonously "It was just a compliment."

I just giggled "if you say so. Hey, you know what I was thinking? Maybe we could find more about reason behind my parents' death and help people at the same time."

He raised a brow "What are you getting at, Leila?"

"A detective agency!" I joyfully exclaimed "I can give you some starter money to own your own office right here in downtown. You can be: Necromancer, the Mystic Detective!" I made a pose like a superhero would do, but I'm sure it was really rather dorky. "I can even get you a kickass costume to go with it. How bout it?"

"Necromancer? Mystic Detective? Kickass costume?" He looked at me like I went insane or something. "Are you sure you feel alright? I have never seen you act this way. When we were kids, you always told me your dream was to find the people who killed your mother and father. But you seem to have abandoned it."

"Look, Scott" I said, being serious with him for the first time since we met again. "My mom and dad meant everything to me. I would do anything to help them find peace, even now. But being all gloomy and depressing was never going to work. I learned that in order to help me see the jade colored world we live in, I'd have to wear a pair of rose colored glasses to do the job. Just stand up straight, keep my head held high," my gloom-ridden face transformed into a beaming grin of joy. "and wear a smile to go with the rosy glasses."

He looked at me and smiled back "You've really grown up. I remember a time where I was the optimistic sort, but compared to you now, I feel rather cynical." He finished his glass of water "But I guess the tides have turned now have they? You know what, Lei? I think I'll take you up on your detective offer. But why aren't you going to join me?"

"I would if I could, but owning your own fashion company is nowhere near as easy as you would think" I whined, "so much paper work..."

"Well to be honest, I think ghosts and UFOs are pure bunk, but I'll try to manage."

"This coming from the guy who's been obsessed with sorcery since he was three?" I retorted.

"Touche, old friend. Well, I'll be headed to find an apartment to stay at."

"Shut up. No, you will not." I insisted. "You're going to stay at my place. I hoped you would come back sooner or later, so I had the people working on my house to make it for a couple."

"You'd do that for me?" He asked, quite touched

"Of course." I giggled "I promised your folks when I was rich that I'd thank them in anyway I could for raising me like their own, but they made it very clear they wanted me to thank you instead. Speaking of whom, you haven't seen them in years. You want to go see them? They still live in that old house."

"Obviously. What kind of guy doesn't go to see his own parents once in a while?"

"Sounds like a plan." We paid our bill and left.

The End

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