A Star Lass is Born


My name is Roxanne Kaizen, daughter of a Hoshi Kaizen and Stella Nova. I'm not what you call an ordinary 18 year old girl

When I was 12, my parents decided to move from a distant planet, Celestas, to Earth since my mom always wanted to go there. However, on the way, space bandits attempted to hoard from us. I was unable to do anything, my parents fought them off, but they took my younger sister Sable with them. Ever since that day, I unknowingly developed an instinctual need to help those in danger to make up for failing to protect my sister. We initially decided to go to my dad's hometown of Kawasaki, but he insisted we go to his American home of Humble, Texas; among the many languages we had in Celestas, according to him we spoke the one known on Earth as English, so we could understand them clearly.

About a month later, I befriended Macario, a classmate who was interested in me because I always kept to myself. I decided to let him hang around with me since he seemed to share my ideas about helping others. Unfortunately, shortly after I finished middle school, he moved away. I asked if we could keep contact by phone but he told me no matter what happens, we wouldn't forget one another.

It was when I was about 15 that I began to develop my powers. My skin became more durable, I could suddenly bench-press 80 lbs, and I could shoot blasts of physical energy from my hands. I remember back home how that was common for many Celestians. Sure enough, Mom told me I was going through puberty.

As I progressed through high school, my grades began to slip. I couldn't concentrate; all I could think about is how much good I could do for people with my new abilities. However, I had an unexpected surprise waiting for me at the start of my senior year...

A moving van from across the street had begun unloading furniture when I noticed some of them looked familiar. Just then an excited voice called to me.

"Roxy!?!" I looked around and saw a boy about my age run and tackle me. The back of my head slammed into the concrete so hard it actually hurt a little. "Oh, my god! I'm so, so sorry!" The boy thought I was hurt "I- I was so excited I didn't know... oh please don't get a concussion!"

"No, I'm fine. I'm just-" I looked up and saw him more clearly. "It's... it's you!" My commonly sullen face beamed with thrilling joy. "Rio!!" I hugged him as hard as I could, unintentionally choking him. Once I noticed, I let go.

"But, how are you alright? How did you get so strong?" he asked, completely baffled, as I just grinned. He then noticed our height difference and finally asked "And when did you get taller than me?"

"Come on in." I gestured. "We have a lot of catching up to do."

Around the end of the school year, finally spurred by Rio's return, I started spending time after school fighting crime as "Star Lass". I did all I could to keep it a secret, even from him; after all who would guess the apathetic, distant loner would turn out to be a superhero?

That summer, however, with more free time now that I've graduated from school, I had a feeling Rio would be suspecting me given how I often left. He's not the brightest kid I know, but something about him seemed threatening when I kept secrets from him.

Of course, eventually he brought it up when were at my house playing video games and watching TV. "Hey, Roxy, did you hear about that Star Lass girl on the news. I hear she has super strength and solar powers, kinda like you. Think she's another Celestian?"

"Well, it's sure something we can't rule out now can we?" I said, typically deadpanned.

He gave an enlightened grin. "So, I got to thinking… maybe we should be superheroes.”

"Are you kidding?" I scoffed, playing along. "Do you know how much time out of the day it takes for me to help people?"

"What are you complaining about? You just graduated and don't have any plans for the summer. Were you just going to spend your vacation just playing video games, watching TV and spending time by yourself? Of course, you already have been pretty busy and always miss when you're on the news."

I assumed it was a slip-up, but to be sure, I played along "I've been on the news?" I asked, feigning surprise.

"Come on, I'm not a total moron." He had that big headed grin I was afraid of. “I'm onto you, Star Lass." I gave him a little smile, which he saw as a victorious sign.

"Yeah, you got me. I expect you'll keep it secret?"

"On one condition."

I was taken aback. "Rio Valdez, are you blackmailing me?"

He sheepishly chuckled, "Maybe." He got up and bounced on the couch. "I wanna join you! I wanna join you! I wanna join you! Pleeease?"

"Sure thing, Mr. 'I don’t have powers'. As if. You'd be too busy dodging debris to help in a fight." I turned to see him sulking. I keep forgetting to notice that some of my words occasionally offend him. "Look, Rio. I'm sorry you're not a powerful Kinetic like your big sister; but in a way, you're my moral compass." He tilted his head in confusion. "You know, the person who keeps you from losing your mind and making a mistake."

"Oh, well thanks."

About a few hours later, I had an idea I went through with Rio: since he knew my secret, he could be my alibi in the event that Mom or Dad would start asking questions. The first step is to have him start sleeping over so I can sneak out at night; not normally my shift since Dusk Woman and her team patrol downtown during that time, but I'd like to go out and patrol my side of town at night for precaution.

"Mom," I asked as I saw her in the bedroom watching TV. “can Rio stay the night?”

My mom was curious, "What's the occasion?"

"Well, remember when we were little how Ms. Valdez would bring him over every few days for a sleepover? Well he kinda wants to do that again."

"Okay, but if you want to have the night with him alone, I'll lock my door."

"Mom," I embarrassingly groaned "it's not like that. We're just friends."

"Same thing I said to Grandma about me and your father, you know how that worked out."

"When is dad getting home anyway?"

"Hopefully by the weekend. Why? Do you miss him?"

"A little. So can Rio...?"

"Honey, I already said the answer is 'yes'."

"Oh yeah, right." I walked back to the living room.

"So?" Rio asked, already in his pajamas. I simply nodded. "I call the top bunk."

"I sleep on the bottom."

"That's why I called the top!" he grinned.

Just then, we heard my mom ready to go out and relax in the backyard patio; she habitually turned on the kitchen TV and we heard the news playing. "Kinetic criminal Brutus is wreaking havoc on the Eastex Freeway at this very moment..."

"Damn." I groaned "I just busted him a few days ago and he's already out. Who's paying this guy's bail?"

"But I just heard them say he broke out of a prison car." Rio carelessly commented as I gave him a blank stare. "Joke, right. So the plan is you go out there, and I tell Ms. Nova... hmm..."

"I left to grab a snack from the store." I helped him out as I quickly got into my Star Lass outfit.

"Got it! Kick his ass, Roxy." I winked and gave him a thumbs up as I opened the front door and flew into the evening sky.

I landed a few yards away from the scene, asking the driver what happened.

"We were relocating him to a more enforced prison when he was somehow able to break out of the vehicle."

"RAAAAGGH!!" he roared as he threw an empty car in a random direction, ready to land on top of us, but I managed to grab the driver and get out of the way.

"Don't worry, I'll handle it." I assured him. I ran closer until I was in talking range of him.

"Ah, Star Lass." He chuckled "Now Brutus shall have revenge. I become stronger since we last meet."

I responded by insulting him "So I noticed. Any chance you trained your brain while you were locked up? Then again, last I checked, you can't really make rocks smarter."

"What that supposed to mean!?" he angrily questioned.

"Whatever you think it means." I calmly responded as he threw a tantrum by throwing a piece of the road at me. I quickly improvised and braced myself to guard it like a catcher. It pushed me back a good length but I could shake it off. "Guess it's true, they do have baseball in the slammer."

I looked up and saw the sun was almost down "Ah, hell, I'll have to make this quick" I said to myself as I charged up a ball of light energy from behind me. He quickly rushed to my direction, unaware of what I had prepared for him. As he prepared to punch me, I charged my fist to counter and overpower him, then quickly sweep kicked him while his guard was down. He fell on his back, struggling to get up but found it futile. I took the time to quickly fly nearby and grabbed a girder to tie him up.

"Damn you Star Lass! One day Brutus shall escape, then I have revenge!!" He shouted as he was hauled off to his new prison. I just slyly smirked and waved him goodbye.

The End

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