Kinetic Adventures

A world much like our own, except it has people with superpowers called Kinetics. It focuses on five young heroes: a sardonic yet good-hearted woman and her energetic childhood friend turned love interest, an even more cynical girl, a former performer, and a young genius as they deal with semi-mundane life.

The series, for the most part, will revolve around five different characters, whose general personalities will be posted here to assist anyone who wants to help me write the story.

  • As the elder daughter of a human and an alien, Roxanne Kaizen grew up on her mother's home planet until she was 12. Years of failed social encounters left her alone and scared, until she met a young boy who helped her open up. His actions combined with her sister's abduction and (presumed) death on the way to Earth would eventually motivate her to become a superhero and help those in need. Despite her seemingly harsh way of communicating with others, she tries her best to see nothing but the good in what other people do. Getting on her nerves is not wise, as she's a triple threat of superhuman strength, flying capabilities, and solar energy manipulation.
  • The middle of three children, Macario Valdez befriended a new student and succeeded in making her act more friendly. As one would figure out within 10 seconds of meeting him, he's hyperactive, unpredictable, and highly prone to logical fallacies. However, underneath his boyish eccentricities lies a young man with an incorruptible heart and the ability to bestow his allies with a boost of energy.
  • From an early age, Esther Claire Morlan shunned her peers, feeling more comfortable doing things on her own. Despite her loner status, she's ended up encountering several people whose various personalities, as she hates to admit, have grown on her. Witty, acerbic, and cynical to the end, the threats she comes across are no match for the stupidity she deals with at school.
  • Born to a happy couple who made a living as street performers, Merle Dawson was raised to be a respectful and carefree young lady. Even when tragedy struck and her parents were assassinated by a corrupt businesswoman, she refused to stay depressed. A daredevil like her parents before her, she's willing to overcome any physical challenge whether it's to rescue her friends, or just for kicks.
  • Thomas Richter has a knack for inventing countless gadgets in his free time. One day, he rescued a classmate from being sexually assaulted by another student and then learned he enjoyed helping others. Since then, said classmate swept him into the growing world of crime-fighting. Frequently keeping his cool while still keeping to a schedule, he also has the ability to create vibrations.

Characters who assist them are Leila Ross, a local fashion mogul who is Merle's legal guardian, and Scott MacBeth, a powerful sorcerer.

The End

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