Ten: Wolves and BatsMature

William lay in bed with Seras by his side. They had done nothing indecent, of course. Klaus and Seras' father might not be too pleased at one of William's kind bedding a royal without first marrying her at the least. 

Marriage? Between their two races? Unheard of. But... surely not impossible?

It had been a few months since they had first met in that garden. Klaus and Integra had married and were now expecting a child. The king was still sick, with his subordinates assuming his day to day duties for the time being, but he was in high spirits about his new grandchild. William refused to see him, though, as he looked frail and smelled of death. It wouldn't be long, though William hoped he was wrong.

Things with his own people had stayed quiet, though. He had been presumed dead and had yet to return to play the part of a spy. It was partly due to his unwillingness to return, true, but the main reason was his identity had been leaked. Rumors had spread and Klaus had been forced to make a public speech revealing William as a werewolf. It would only be a matter of time until the Alpha's took hold of that information, too. 

At least the people were welcoming. Mostly. The vampires, surprisingly, did not seem to mind as much as the humans. It seemed the Alphas had lied about humans respecting their kind as well. Maybe William could prove himself in some way...

"What are you thinking of?" Seras asked him without opening her eyes. He had assumed she was asleep by now. He was in his beastial form with the full moon so close. Seras had insisted on staying until the night fully hit before leaving his private chamber. If her father or sister knew...

"Just how bad it might be if we were found by certain people." His voice was little more than a low rumbling growl, though she understood him. It had taken her time to adjust to seeing this form for her, but now she was nearly more used to it than he was. 

"Oh please," Seras said in her stubborn tone. "My father would not have the right to say anything." She maneuvered to be more comfortable in the crook of his arm. "And besides," she added, "Integra and Klaus know."

Well, that shouldn't be a surprise. He felt a something pierce his arm. "Did you get hungry?"

Seras nodded, taking a few sips. She had a habit of doing that. Werewolf blood was not much different than humans, apparently. "I suppose we should think about when our marriage will be, then?"

William coughed hard. "Wh-what sort of crazy talk is this?"

Seras stood up, wiped the small amount of blood off her lips, and smiled. "I do love your reaction," she teased, turning to leave. "I shall see you in the morning, William."

William was left mute in wake of her insanity. Marriage between wolves and bats..? Who would accept such a thing?

The End

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