Chapter 7Mature

I finally woke up to darkness. My only source of light, the beeping monitors regulating my life. Huh, yay! Something else to regulate and dictate my life. I should already be used to it, I mean, God forbid I take charge and live my own life right? When I try to make something of myself and make my own choices, and decisions someone, mainly a male busts into my life unannounced, pulls a caveman, and I’m dragged back into his cave. Whether said males intentions are good or bad, I’m sick of it. Time to take charge, once the coast is clear, I’m biding this place fucking adieu.

I reached over and noticed I was hooked up again, Fuck! This is going to hurt like a bitch, but I have to think of the big picture, this will save Kinkaid a headache, and most of all Alastair’s life.

I removed the pulse detector on my pointer that sent the machine into a frenzy, making it louder then fucking ever, geez my dead grandfather could hear it. I looked at the door and no response, good at least that hasn’t changed; not mattering to anyone does have its advantages. I went to rip the tubes out of my arms when I heard a familiar voice in the shadows.

“If you remove one more vital piece from your body, I will not hesitate, I will personally strap you to that bed until you are fully healed, which my dear you keep pulling this shit you’ll be here a lot longer, so don’t test me!”

The last few words that left his lips sent shivers down my spine. I looked over to the shadows, and saw Mr. Metaxas, lean forward shedding some light to his darkened mood, which I’m sure I put him in.

I took a deep breath, and lowered my hand to my side away from the tubes.

Mr. Metaxas had his elbows on the arm rests of the chair, and when he saw that the threat had worked he laced his perfect fingers together, narrowed his eyes, and smiled, “ You see, that wasn’t hard, makes things easier don’t you think?”

I narrowed my eyes back at him, “Meaning?”

“Meaning Kindred, that the sooner you follow orders, the sooner you get discharged. That stunt you pulled a week ago caused an infection, and set your healing time back. So now you are never alone, ever.”

I held my hand up, “I’ve been out for a fucking week? What the Hell did you give me?”

“I told you, you re-opened you wound and that in turn caused an infection. The infection caused the fever, hence the hallucinations, you weren’t in your right mind. You wouldn’t let anyone near you except Kinkaid, but he fucked up his chance, so you were sedated.”

“My fucking wound was fine, dammit! I was able to treat it after I got home. If it wasn’t for you, kicking the fucking door into my life causing the people in my life to hate me more I would still have a job, and I could have gotten on with my shitty life! But no, you just had to be another rich, up-tight ass that has nothing to do except throw money around and mess with people’s lives because you don’t have one of your own!”

Mr. Metaxas’ smile dropped, he put his hands on the arm rests and shot out of his chair, walked up to the side of my bed and glared at me, “If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be alive. How well do you think that wound healed? “

“It fucking clotted enough, to relax in a tub and regain some of my damn sanity that I lost through the fucking day! Anyways I’m not your damn concern, so stop being the fucking white knight and rescuing me! I’m not some lost cause for you to help, I know you rich people need a fucking hobby, but I’m not an experiment! So leave me the FUCK Alone!” As I ended my speech I ripped the tubes out of my arms, stood straight up, pushed past Mr. Metaxas and made my way to the door. As soon as I made it to the door, I yanked on the doorknob, but it wouldn’t budge. I started jingling it again and again, so frustrated so close, but yet so damn far.

“Gah!” I pounded and pounded on the obstacle separating me from ultimate freedom. I should’ve known freedom comes at a price, and I’ll have to pay….again.

I felt Mr. Metaxas’ breath on my neck, I still felt angry, but somewhat at ease. “You’re not going anywhere, do you hear me? No more running, especially from me. You need to know what life is like without the constant fear of him behind you. I don’t know what it is but I feel that you compare me to him. Tell me something Kindred Cassidy,” He grabs my shoulders and spins me to meet his eyes, “Am I someone to fear? The same someone who in your own words a White Knight who keeps rescuing you. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe I’m the good guy; the guy who wants to shield you from the bad and make you open your big, beautiful eyes to see the good. That there is still good in all things, that I’m good…for you. I don’t want you to hide in the shadows, I want you to be seen in the sun to know that your life is worth living and not running from.”

I sighed, he just doesn’t get it, he doesn’t get me, “It’s not your place or responsibility to look after me. I did an ok job of that myself until I put that very same job and responsibility into the hands of the one person I completely trusted, and it blew up in my face. That very same person, who like you wanted me to shine in the sun, but after a while, he showed his true colors and realized he wanted me to live in the dark under his command. So please forgive me if I just don’t take your word for it and believe you, because quite frankly Mr. Metaxas that ship has sailed, and sank with no survivors. And you’re right, you have opened my big eyes, to realize that I’m not as good at being invisible as I thought, so please let me go and save us all.”

He took his forefinger and his thumb and gently raised my face to me his gaze, “I’m not going anywhere, I don’t care how much you push me away, there is nothing you can say or do that will turn me away, because quite frankly Miss Cassidy I’m not him, I would never in a million years let any harm cross your path, let alone cause your sweet existence to become invisible, I would be robbing this world of your complete radiance and beauty, you can rest assured that you can finally stop running, and just simply live.”

I smacked his hand away from my face, and took a step forward into his space, taking a stand, pointing a bony finger to his immaculate suit jacket, “I don’t know who you think you are, barging into my life, stealing my job, banishing my brother, and you know what you did just fucking that, you see you kept your promise, you did bring me into the sun. But, as soon as that light hit my vulnerable flesh, you brought the one person out of the shadows, the man I fear most, my fucking possessive husband. And now, here I stand with no defense, my only option is to run for the hills, and quite frankly Mr. Alistair Metaxas if you don’t move the fuck out of my way I will throw you out of my way, I’ve always been a fighter, I had to be, no one will ever dictate my life not anymore, not after the freedom I’ve tasted, so step aside.” As soon as my rant was finished I all of a sudden felt light headed. I was still pointing at Mr. Metaxas when I caught a glimpse of red running down my arm. I looked at my forearm and noticed that a steady flow of blood was making its way down to my elbow and on to the sterile floor. I picked up my other arm, and it was in the same exact condition. What the hell? I looked up at Mr. Metaxas and his eyes were a mixture of concern and rage.

“You never answered my question Kindred, how do you think your wound healed before?”

He started to take a step towards and I threw my hands up in defense and took a step back, damn this room was starting to spin, “It, it clotted, I, um, the tub?” I was taking another step back, and then the last step I took I was uneasy.

“Kindred when I found you your towel was soaked in blood, you didn’t clot what so ever, and the alcohol you consumed only thinned your blood even more. Kindred when I found you, you were in shock and on the verge of death. I saved you. If I would’ve shown up a moment later you would’ve been dead.”

Still disoriented, I kept my hands up, “So what? You called an ambulance, big fucking deal; you want a medal of honor? A cookie maybe?”

He simply smiled, that arrogant ass! And took another step towards me so that we were nose to nose, “No, Kindred, I saved you by giving you instant taste of relief. I gave you a part of myself that heals, my blood, my sacred soul. You see Kindred, I am a Vampire.”

What the hell? The room started to spin faster, all but Mr. Metaxas, I reached up to hit him, to stop this spell he had over me, but when I went to slap him he caught my wrist, and then I finally succumbed to darkness. 

The End

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