Chapter 6Mature

I was in a haze, for how long I couldn’t tell you. After my brother was shunned by Mr. Metaxas I was hysterical. I just wanted the one person who gave a damn about me in this world to be by my side, and even that was taken from me, a decision that was made without me. I was slowly starting to become someone else’s property. After so many years of being lost to myself I finally had the courage to get out, without a trace. Now I was slowly getting pulled back in by another powerful man, the first one could care less and now I found a man who cares too much. I just don’t understand his interest in me, he just met me, but he’s acting like it was love at first sight. I’m flattered but overwhelmed, I can’t get lost in another man as easily as last time. I must protect myself, have that guard up and to walk away to save not only myself but also the first man to ever give me the attention I deserved without wanting anything in return.

I don’t know how long I was out, but after my episode I was given a sedative to calm down. It turns out that my wound was infected, and I made it worse by thrashing around tearing it open, and since I was so pumped full of drugs for the pain it added to my condition.

I don’t care what they say, Jonathan was here. He found me, I was so good at making myself invisible, but that one little slip up sent a domino effect.

I have to some how make myself disappear again, it’s not going to be easy, but I know the way. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.

When I was slowly starting to come back to this world, I could hear an argument going on, it sounded like Mr. Metaxas and another voice I didn’t recognize.

“What happened last week is unacceptable! Kinkaid, Me, and authorized caregivers were the only ones allowed through that door and in her presence. Who is this man who claimed to have close ties with Kindred?”

“Like I told you time and time again.”

“And I will keep asking you time and fucking time again until you give me the fucking missing piece I need to take out this fucker! I want to know who this man is God Dammit!”

I then heard a violent crash, the sound continuous glass meeting their shattering deaths, and hearing the sounds of their demolished souls.

I could feel his conundrum until he remembered something, something I unearthed during my rage-induced hallucinations.

“He’s her husband.”


“He’s who she fears most……Fuck!” he screamed.

Oh no, no, no please don’t he’ll crush you quicker than you can say,


Why was he calling my name?

“Kindred? Can you hear me?”

I heard another noise, of a door bursting open; I then heard my brother’s voice. “Is she awake? I heard you screaming her name. What have you done to her now? Cause cardiac arrest because of your overbearing ways? She’s had enough of that, and more in her fucking life.” There was a pause then I felt the rage that was my brother, rage that finally made its presence known, “What the fuck is this? Throwing a fucking tantrum because she doesn’t wake on your command? Or is it because she’s the first woman who saw you for what you really are and turned you down, and you took that as a fucking challenge? But maybe you’re failing to realize that she just didn’t fucking like you in the first place? You overbearing possessive Son of a Bitch!”

Mr. Metaxas’ hands grip around my weak hands tighter, like he was trying to contain his anger for my sake, but I could tell he was struggling, a great deal.

Under his breath, “I grabbed her hand, and when I did she started to squeeze it. Come on Kindred I know you’re there wake up!”

“I think you need to leave Alastair. You’ve done enough damage to last three decades!”

I felt his lips brush against my hand, and I squeezed my hand again, “What makes you think I’m going anywhere? You would have to pry my fucking cold, dead, lifeless, decomposing body off of her before I would even leave her side. And what gives you the God Dammn Fucking right to march in here unannounced, after how many years have you been gone? I know your so-called growing concern for her is a load of shit! When I was in her apartment there was no pictures of family or friends, you might as well been dead! So if you think you’re going to waltz in here claiming to have rights, be the white knight, and save the fucking day you’re sadly mistaken my friend, I will make you suffer far more greater then she ever has, it would seem she would’ve have a privileged life compared to what I would make you feel.”

I heard footsteps making there way closer, “I have rights! I’m the power of attorney!”

I felt the bed shake Mr. Metaxas was fucking laughing. I didn’t understand was I going into dream mode? Was this a dream?

A button was pressed, and then seconds later I heard the door open and my brother screaming.

“What the Hell is this! Didn’t you hear me you psychotic Asshole? I’m the Power of Attorney! You can’t kick me out!”

I felt one of Mr. Metaxas’ hands leave mine, and I heard riffling of his jacket, “I’m afraid not, you see you forgot one very important detail while you’ve been absent. Did you not think I wouldn’t figure it out?”

“You Son of a Bitch!”

“You see you are not the power.” I heard Mr. Metaxas stand up and walk, “I am, and it’s high time that everyone learns that.”

“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. You’re going to be walking into this whole situation blind. It will hit you so hard and fast you won’t even know what fucking came in and did it in the first place. If you keep this whole macho, ‘I’m the all mighty and powerful’ I promise you, she will be gone quicker than you can say ‘My Beloved.’

“Really? Is that a threat Kinkaid?”

“You keeping her caged up like this, it’s a fucking promise.”

“Keeping her caged? She was already doing that to herself! Never letting anyone in!”

“Oh My God! Are you that fucking transparent! It’s a defense mechanism! Did you ever fucking stop to pull your head out of your ass and wonder why she pushes everyone away and tries to blend in being unnoticed? And by you waltzing in, taking over her life and making her known to everyone has put her life at risk. You did the worst possible thing you could do to her.”

“And what fucking pray tell is that?”

“You made her noticeable to the one man she fears most! You unleashed the beast, and now she’s going to have to pay for that.”

“She will always be protected.”

“Like how she was fucking protected before? You know how easy it was for him to walk right on in, say what he needed to say, and walk right on out without anyone glancing his way? You don’t know what this man is capable of, when he wants something he fucking gets it, no questions asked, and if there ever was questions asked well you don’t see those people here do you? Because they never live to tell the tale. He’s always wanted Kindred, he got Kindred, and when she questioned him well you know what comes next.”

In a whisper, Mr. Metaxas almost sounded defeated, “She’s living to tell the tale.” Almost. “She’s his greatest challenge, that’s why she’s still here.”

“Now you fucking get it!”

The End

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