Chapter 5Mature

When I wake up, I’m in the hospital. But something seems a bit off. I go to lift my left arm, but it was restrained by a set of handcuffs. What the? I start shaking my arm uncontrollably trying with much force to rip these metal grips when I hear a familiar voice that I never wanted to hear ever again, and even then it would be far too soon.

“Why hello Kindred, it’s been a long time, no?”

I stop trying to struggle, because I know the drill, I struggle I’d pay, a great deal.

I turned my head and sadly my hearing was equitable, I started to tremble, hoping this was a damn nightmare that I could somehow escape, or someone could rescue me from. I wished that, I wished that everyday I was with him.

I swallowed, and took a deep breath, “Jonathan, what are you doing here?”

He was sitting back in the chair, one leg crossed over the other, his golden brown hair perfectly styled, his golden skin shinning in the sunlight making him look radiant, but I’m no fool his suave confidence is just a front for what he truly is. His hands are laced together twiddling his thumbs, a sadistic smile on his lips. “Now Kindred do I need a reason to visit you?”

“Yeah, you usually do, you know you can’t just come and go as you please, I’m not a house pet who waits by the door everyday just waiting for my master to come home and pet my head, I’m a person, but you never saw that, every time you even glanced my way you saw red, you never cared for me, I was just convenient for you.”

He closed his ocean blue orbs, and gave a nonchalant shrug, “You say convenient, I say suitable.”

“What do you want Jonathan?”

He looked down at his perfectly manicured fingers, “This is just a courtesy visit.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “Meaning?”

He looked up and smiled, “Did you think you could hide from me forever Kindred?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Huh, I’ve been able to keep you off my scent for sometime now, your resources are lacking, you’re losing your shine.”

He narrowed his eyes, “Obviously not, I found you here.” He slowly stood up, walked over to the bed, and put his hands on the rail, his left hand sparkling with our bond, “You need to keep in mind Kindred, you belong to me, forever and always. I will not stand here and watch a washed up, tired version of me come in, brainwash you, and take you away from me. I’m a fighter, and I always get what I want, no matter the cost whether its money or lives, it doesn’t matter to me.”

I stared him right in the eye, “How do I know you’re not bluffing? That you’re just losing your cool because out of all the other countless women you possessed you couldn’t tame your own wife, me?”

“Don’t test me!”

He slammed his hands on the rail making me jump so fast that I pulled my wrist so hard that I started to writhe in pain, and I fell back onto the bed, fresh tears pouring down my face.

He gripped the rail so hard his knuckles were pure white. He leaned in so close to my face I could feel his breath filling up my every pore down to my soul making me shudder and shrink away from him.

“So help me God, if you don’t end this little infatuation this man has for you, next time this won’t be a courtesy call, next time he will deal with the consequences for trying to take what is rightfully mine, and he will suffer slowly.”

He leaned in closer and gave me a kiss on my damp cheek, and stood back up. “Oh, and before I forget,” He reached into his pocket and pulled out my ten carat diamond ring that was heavier than sense. He yanked my already injured cuffed hand and placed the cold rock onto my shaking finger. He leaned in and kissed my hand and smirked, “That’s much better.” He placed my hand back down and walked towards the door, but then stopped, his back facing me, he turned his head to the side and without looking at me, “And Kindred, if you think or even attempt to run again, I will find you and make you suffer far more greater then the great Alastair Metaxas, and that my beloved Kindred is a promise.” And he was gone.

I woke up with a start. I flew up and I was breathing so shallow I couldn’t catch a breath; I was drenched in sweat, my body rejecting the poison that was my awful nightmare, or was it?

All of a sudden I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and I freaked, “Get off me, get the fuck off of me Jonathan!” I was thrashing uncontrollably when I felt a familiar tear in my side, “Ahhh fuck! Do you see what you do to me? I can never have peace!”

His arms encircled me to hold me still and to hopefully calm me down, “Kindred, Kindred! It’s me! Calm down, shh, shh, shh.”

Oh my God I knew that voice, one that was for once not threatening or hateful, it was protective, and caring, my brother, “Kinkaid? Is this a dream? Fuck I hurt so bad.” I look down at my gown, and it’s drenched in blood mixed with sweat. Kinkaid reached over and pressed the emergency call button, and then just started to rock me gently, “It’s ok, you’ll be alright I promise.” I looked down at my hand and the cold, dead diamond was non-existent. Huh, maybe it was just a crazy nightmare, but then why did I have a raw, scratched ring around my left wrist?

“He was here.” I said in a whisper

The trembling was back, and the cold sweat was making another appearance. I pushed Kinkaid off of me with all of the strength I could muster, “Get off of me!” I started to breathe very fast and shallow, causing my adrenaline to kick in and the room starting to spin.

I started to rip out all of the tubes and needles lodged into my veins, and the machines where displaying my apparent flat-lined death. I got up from my bed, barley as soon as my feet hit the tiled cold floor Kinkaid was in front of me.

“Kindred! No one’s been here but Alastair and me. I practically had to give everything but a DNA sample to prove that I’m your brother and after two days he finally let me pass.”

I’m hunched over by this point, holding my side. I grabbed a hold of the rail and lift my self back up, “Kinkaid please, stop lying to me,” I started to cry, “I know he was here,” I pointed repeatedly to the spot next to me, “He was here, I saw him as I’m seeing you, I’m not crazy!” I screamed as I turned towards the bed, and started to shake the rail, hysterically, “He was here, and threatened my life if I ran again, don’t you see I need to leave now! Before he finds me again!”

Just then the door busted open, Mr. Metaxas came rushing in with a couple of nurses in toe. He tried to reach for me, “Kindred, it’s alright, you are safe there is top security here, no one makes it past them unless it’s approved by me, and Kinkaid was the only one approved.” He said his voice calm and soothing trying to calm the beast within me down that wanted to scream and run.

“Kindred, let us help you,” he held out his hand to me. I was skeptical, but I also felt the adrenaline rush out of me as quick as it came in and I felt queasy. I finally felt the excruciating pain in my side and I looked down to see fresh blood on my arms from holding onto my side.

“Kindred.” Mr. Metaxas made a step towards me with a hand held out, when I looked up I saw Jonathan and I saw red, “Get away from me Jonathan so help me God!” I made a break for it I almost made it to the door when I felt strong, gentle arms around me lifting me off of the ground.

I was thrashing, kicking and screaming. To hell with my health I’d rather die on my own stupidity then give up my sanity, mind and especially my soul to a man who keeps it caged. “Let go of me! You’ll never have me again! To hell with your rules! I’m your fucking wife! I have rights! And I have the right to divorce your ass! So let me go!”

Mr. Metaxas struggled at first but then got a good grip on me. He held me to him; his arms like chains, I wasn’t going anywhere. “Listen to me Kindred, no one else was in your presence, I’ve taken every single precaution, and then some to make sure you’re safe, and trust me when I say this, no one and I mean no one will ever hurt you physically or emotionally if they do they’ll have to answer to me personally. That has already happened but rest assured you’re safe my beloved Kindred.”

I looked up at him so fast, and when I met his face I was looking into the face of not Mr. Metaxas but Jonathan’s. My eyes became wide and then I had no warning, I threw up on my illusion, hoping it wasn’t real, but right now I don’t know what is anymore.   

“Oh my God! Kindred!” My brother screamed and was trying to make his way towards me when Mr. Metaxas, held up a hand to stop him.

“What are you doing? She’s my sister! Let my by so I can help her.”

Mr. Metaxas’ face turned to anger, “I let you in here to visit her, to reassure her that there isn’t hate in her life, and what do you do? Cause her to scream and have the opposite affect, that someone is out to get her, and her life is in peril!”

He turned towards me with concern in his eyes, and put his hand to my forehead. His concern turned to anger when he pulled his hand away and it was glistening with the poison my body was trying to reject of the illusion of the man from my past who wanted so badly to become more than just my future, my whole life to the point where I would lose all sense of self and not know who I am anymore.

Mr. Metaxas started to scream to the nurses, “She is burning up! Get Miss Cassidy new sheets and a clean nightgown now!” He stripped me of my nightgown and threw it at Kinkaid, who stood there dumbfounded, still trying to get over the fact that someone he and I barely knew put him in his place, and didn’t know how to handle it. He looked down at my re-opened wound, got furious, and scooped me up, threw a clean sheet over me and carried me out of the room, to a room more sterile, the nurses in toe. He laid me down on the clean bed, and turned towards the nurses and let them have it, “And she need to be stitched back up before she gets an infection! I should fire you all for being so negligent, if this happens again I have no problem, firing and replacing each and every one of you, Miss Cassidy is your top priority, and fucking don’t forget it!”

My brother was at the door, and after the lashing Mr. Metaxas gave the nurses he walked to the door where my brother stood, he looked him up and down with disgust and slammed the door in his face as a sign of he was done. 

The End

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