Chapter 3Mature

Well that went well, I thought as I walked I’m sure my fired ass back to the break room to gather up my pride, and bid this place fucking adieu.

When I was done cleaning out my locker, I slammed it shut, it gave me a rush hell yea! That felt good, to once live in the moment and not care what other people thought. I was in a rush to break free of my three-year shackle hold that I didn’t notice Mr. Metaxas standing right next to me, looking as beautiful as I remembered, Hell my mental images didn’t do the man justice. He was just standing there a hand in his pocket and a beautifully perfect manicured hand resting on the lockers, staring intently not just at me but as if he was looking deep into my soul.

Why was he making me so skittish? Just five minutes ago I told him about his millions and to practically where to stick it. Gah! Why can’t he just let me have this one moment and give my self that mental high-five that I damn well deserve after the three-year trudge I pulled. But all of that aside he scared the shit out of me that I jumped back about two feet and I grabbed my chest just to make sure my heartbeat was still regular. I went to grab my satchel that I dropped on top of his perfect shoes. But as I bent down to quickly retain it he was at my level in an instant. My hand was frozen on the spot as he placed his hand on my cheek and gently stroked it before he moved it under my chin. He was staring intently at me like he was thinking of something and was struggling with it, he took a deep breath and grabbed my frozen midair hand and stood up with me, never letting go, when surprise surprise always impeccable timing asshole boss shows up in the doorway, not noticing Mr. Metaxas, and just lets it all go, “KINDRED!!! I have never in my twenty years experienced such unprofessionalism, incompetence, and lack of self-control; you are an embarrassment to this Facility and everything it stands for! You my dear are fired! Do you hear me fired!”

Mr. Metaxas’ hands gripped me so tightly that I winced; he turned angry and wide-eyed and faced my boss, “Mr. Andrews! I have never experienced, a man treating a woman with such disrespect, but I wouldn’t call you a man, no, I would call you dirt, slime, not even good enough to scrape off of a shoe. Ever since I set foot in here today, I heard nothing but nasty, unkind, ruthless remarks made towards Miss Cassidy, when all she does is come here everyday and do her job, Hell she should have gotten employee of the month every month since she’s been here because as far as I see it she is the only one here who I’ve witnessed actually doing her fucking job! And not Kiss ass at everyone who throws a damn dollar her way, the job always comes first, and I’ve brushed up on the files of each and every employee here down to the nitty gritty, and frankly Mr. Andrews, Miss Cassidy is far more qualified, intelligent, and has more common sense then you’ll ever posses. As far as that ‘Emergency Meeting’ that occurred this morning I heard every last syllable from your lips, and to me that was the nail on the coffin. As far as I’m concerned, Miss Cassidy just got promoted, see it is not she who is fired, no, no, it’s you Mr. Andrews, You’re Fired! Get your shit and get the fuck out! And by the way take every last employee with you, I’m overhauling this dump.” Mr. Metaxas walked to the door and slammed it in Mr. Andrews’ dumbfounded face, and just stood there facing the door. I could see his breathing was exasperated like his adrenaline was through the roof, I decided that I needed to cut this little encounter short, because quite frankly I only just met him and he was seriously scaring the living Hell out of me. First he basically fires an unknown employee for speaking his mind, praises me for speaking mine, and goes on a firing rampage because he didn’t like the way I was treated like it’s going out of style, there seems to be a pattern here where I’m concerned, and right now I really don’t feel like being Ms. Detective and find the missing clues to find out what angle Mr. Metaxas was getting at. I would probably be finding clues till I was old and gray, and right now I’m tired. All I want to do is go home, turn on some soft Jazz, soak in a tub, have a big glass of wine, and forget about this shit storm that just happened today.

I bent down and picked up my satchel and walked over to the other entryway to the break room I reached for the door knob and sighed before turning for my escape, I looked over my shoulder, “Thank you, no one has ever stood up for me like that, I just usually take things how they are, which in this world tends to be on the shittier side and deal with it, I guess it’s the way of the world and I’m in the middle of it, and in this world if I don’t learn my place I will forever be lost, so thank you for letting me take a break, even if it was for a few moments I was able to at least come back up for some air before I have to emerge back into the world, by the way I know you heard it, but you at least earned the right to know my name from my lips, My name is Kindred Evangeline Cassidy, and it’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Metaxas.” I didn’t wait for a response; I turned the knob and walked out.


As soon as I got to the lobby, I unclipped my name badge and tossed it on the desk as I continued walking. I know I just got promoted but I’m sure that was just a front to save my face, maybe he was doing me a favor by not letting it show on my record that I got fired but promoted, ugh! The favors just keep pilling up; next thing I know he’ll be cashing in and I’ll have nothing but a smile and my soul up for grabs.

I pushed the revolving door, and was almost out when the doors all of a sudden locked in place. I pushed a few times, then started to go into a panic, and started shaking the door uncontrollably. I was breaking into a sweat and my breathing was becoming short and shallow, how the Hell do I get out of here? I was banging uncontrollably when I saw the sight of my ex. Boss and his loyal followers all standing with their arms crossed, with vacant expressions giving zero fucks about my unfortunate predicament. I happen to look back at Mr. Andrews and he was swinging a gold key ring around his bony finger, he fucking locked me in here like an animal for one last hurrah, to be humiliated just like they had all been, all because Mr. Fierce and intense showed them how a real boss works.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I ripped open my sheer button down shirt, leaving me with a spaghetti strap tank top on, I wrapped it around my fist and I punched the heavy glass door hard, once, twice, and on the third punch my boss was becoming frantic and trying to open the door, but it was too late once he started to open the door he jiggled it forcefully and on the third punch, the door met my fist with equal force, and I smashed through, landing on my side on top of pounds of broken glass. 

I started to hear the sirens in the distance, and everyone started to book it leaving me helpless. I swear if there weren’t any witnesses they would of all formed a line and take turns kicking me one last time as a big ‘Fuck you Bitch’! Once I regained some form of self, I slowly hauled my ass up threw my shirt back on trying to blend in somehow, I was finally able to limp back to my sanctuary. 

The End

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