Chapter 2Mature

I made it to the library with minutes to spare, I clocked in and took a big gulp of my coffee and almost spit it out as quickly as it went in. Ugh! The bitterness of this drink made my skin crawl. I held up the offending cup when it dawned on me, oh yea I forgot fierce and intense made me loose all sense of self and mind that I forgot to add the magical contents that make this drink enjoyable.

I slammed my locker shut and made my way to the break room. Once I got there everyone on staff was in there having a little pow-wow. My boss was giving orders for the day, and once I made my entrance all eyes were on me. My boss turned around and narrowed his eyes, “Kindred, how nice of you to finally grace us with your everlasting presence, I don’t know if we would have made it through the day without you.”

I pursed my lips, hand on my hip, “Really?”

His eyes were nearly slits with my question, “No.” He turned back around and went back to his notes, “By the way, the next time you decide to bring coffee to the meeting make sure you have plenty for everyone, this is a team, it’s not all about one person.”

I rolled my eyes knowing full well he couldn’t see me, and walked to an empty seat and sat my happy ass down. Gah! I hate this job he’s such a bastard, and all of these people are his puppets who say how high when he says jump. And since I refuse to be his puppet and get tangled in my strings messing up his perfect order he gets pissed. Just to piss him off more when he looked over at me I took a huge gulp of my coffee, basically a fuck you asshole gesture without actually making the gesture. After the caffeine started to flow through my veins then did I decided to let my ears in on the meeting.

“As you all well know that libraries are funded by our very generous donors, who like to see progress and results. So today I called this emergency meeting because our top donor will be making a surprise visit today to see what we’ve done, and to make any changes if need be. I’ll need everyone on their A game, and whatever this donor wants we will not hesitate, we want to make his visit as comfortable and hassle free as possible.” When he said those last few words my boss landed his cool gaze on me, like he was trying to say ‘Hey Kindred! Don’t fuck this up!” I took another sip of my coffee and looked away as if something more interesting caught my attention.

When the meeting was over I quickly got up so I wasn’t the last person in the room left with that asshole, and booked it to my post. What I knew for damn sure was that at all costs I was going to avoid watching my boss-kissing ass to the patron, I’ve seen enough of that my last few years here. It’s the same old same old me having to endure watching my boss basically doing tricks to impress even the lowest paying patron, I can’t even imagine what he’s going to pull when the top paying patron chimes in with his money and demands.

An hour in I was immersed in my work checking emails, and sending out overdue, and hold emails when I heard a drumming of fingers on my counter. Ugh! I hate that. It’s so rude and annoying and they’ve been here for what thirty seconds, like I’m taking up their precious time, and ruining their life. I finally looked at the drumming fingers and noticed a familiar platinum watch gleaming in the light. I sighed deeply and looked up, yep my suspicions were right, Damn! He doesn’t stop does he? “Can I help you Mr….?”

A small sinister smirk graced his beautifully sculpted lips, “Guess.”

When I was about to shoo him away my asshole boss decided to rear his ugly head, and threw his arm over his shoulder, “Mr. Metaxas we are about to start the tour, I hope Miss Cassidy is answering any questions to the best of her ability.” My boss then looked from Mr. Metaxas back to me and narrowed his eyes giving me a warning.

Mr. Fierce and Intimidation looked down at his shoulder and picked up my bosses hand and dropped it, “Yes the tour I was hoping Miss Cassidy would grant me one, if she wasn’t too busy.”

When I was about to decline, my asshole boss decided to chime in, “Oh well, Mr. Metaxas, Miss Cassidy is up to her elbows in email correspondents that will take her most of today, plus I know the ins and outs of this facility, I’m sure I can answer all of the questions or concerns you may have.”

Mr. Metaxas held his hand up to silence his talking, and kept his powerful gaze on me, “Two things one my question was to Miss Cassidy not you, it was never up for discussion, and two my only concern is that you answered for her, I don’t believe she is a mute but who would know apparently no let’s her get a word in edge wise, so” he stepped closer to my counter and leaned in, “Miss Cassidy may I get a grand tour of this facility that I invested millions of money making this a beautiful and resourceful place for people to get lost and escape?”

I looked to my boss who had his hands balled up at his sides so tight I could see the whites of his knuckles, and he was shaking with rage. Well if this isn’t a big fuck you with a middle finger in his face I don’t know what is. But Mr. Metaxas’ eyes were solely on me, waiting for an answer. “What if I said no, that I’m too busy to give you this spectacular tour you so desperately want? If you poured millions upon millions of dollars into this place like you said, shouldn’t you know your investment? I’m sure a smart businessman such as yourself isn’t stupid, or if you are I at the very least hope you hired someone who does know what you’re investing into. Because in the last few years I’ve been an employee here the only update I’ve seen are new chairs and door knobs, so if that is what your millions bought then go crazy, have a seat and test out the polyester I’m sure was bought at a local craft store, and have a fucking ball.” I threw my pencil down, scooted my chair out and walked over to the podium hatch, threw it open and walked out leaving my boss speechless and a satisfied smile on Mr. Metaxas’ ever so beautiful lips.

The End

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