Chapter 1Mature

When my alarm went off early the next morning, I wasn’t in the mood. Ugh! Just let me rest in peace! I slammed my hand against the persistent alarm and rolled over. When I finally came to I slowly opened my groggy eyes and grabbed my phone. Shit! I flew out of bed; I overslept by a half hour, damn! If my boss didn’t already hate me enough, he’ll now have probable cause to now, Damn! And I thought I was starting to crack that outer ice shell of extreme dislike he possessed. I got ready in five minutes flat, and flew out the door to catch the subway.

When I made it to my stop I breathed in relief my five-minute wardrobe change bought me time, at least this day isn’t a total waste, I still had time to stop by my favorite coffee shop and just pause my life for two seconds for something I truly enjoy in life, coffee.

When I got there, there was a line practically out the door. Well I’ll give it ten minutes if I don’t make it into the door; I’m booking it, uncaffinated, which is scary to some people.

Nine minutes later, I made it past the threshold, huh talk about down to the wire. After I was inside, I started to grow inpatient, every thirty seconds I was checking my watch as if it was some form of entertainment, along with tapping my cheap lace-up boots I got from the Goodwill for three dollars that I’m sure isn’t appropriate work attire, but you know what? I give zero fucks today, and for some reason that felt right. And if my boss doesn’t like it? Fine send me home and I can get a good night’s sleep, and not give two shits about the world for one day.

Gah! There are two people ahead of me and I was starting to get antsy. I must’ve made enough noise that I caused the person in front of me to dramatically sigh, and make his presence known to me. “Excuse me! Can you keep you and your one-man band quiet? I would like to get to my job with my sanity still intact, and you’re making that extremely difficult.”

I bit my lip, held my arm in anxiety, and forced my foot to stop, I shrugged my shoulders, and was about to apologize when I heard a beautiful masculine voce behind me, “Umm no asked you to tune into the station. If you don’t like the music get the fuck out.”

I was so stunned by his choice of words that I had to get just a small glimpse of him. I slowly turned on my feet and looked up at him. Oh dear God he was beautiful long jet black hair slicked back, but didn’t look greasy, his eyes the color of sapphires glowing in the night, his skin so pale it looked like one of the snowflakes I tried to claim as my own. He was wearing a black three-piece suit with a crisp charcoal button down shirt with a tie that matched his sparkling orbs, and the shiniest polished black shoes that I could see my reflection in them, Damn! But when I looked back up in to his eyes, the sparkle was gone and he looked intimidating, and fierce, so much so that I turned away and started tapping my foot again not for impatience, but out of anxiety. He hasn’t said one word to me and I’m growing scared of his intense demeanor.

When I managed to move one foot in front of the other I got to the counter, “Ye-yes, can I please have a small coffee with room for cream please?” When I reached in to my satchel for my wallet I saw a beautiful extended arm displaying a very expensive platinum watch, handing the barista the money. I didn’t know what to say, my lips wouldn’t move a muscle, I was on the verge of a panic attack that when my coffee was placed on the counter I quickly grabbed it and ran out the door.   

I know that was rude but something about him, rubbed me in some kind of way. I didn’t know whether it was good or bad, so my mind decided on the latter and bolted.

I was half way up the street when I heard a familiar voice, “Don’t I at least get a name?”

I stopped in mid-stride and froze, what do I say? When I didn’t give a response he caught up to me, and stood right in front of me blocking my get a way route, “Wh-why, d-do you wa-want t-to-know-mm-my name?”

He let out a deep breath and looked like he was contemplating something, “It’s the least you can do after I paid for your coffee and fired one of my best employees.”

It was my turn to look confused, “I tried to pay for my own coffee and you didn’t fire anyone.”

He shrugged his shoulders; “I told him if he didn’t like the station to get out, and he did, did you see a coffee in his hand? He knew who I was and knew what I was proposing. So a name?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “How about this you can have three guesses to what my name is, and if you get one of the guesses correct I’ll tell you.”

“Fair enough but I get three clues.”

“Alright, fine if you guess wrong on all three guesses you’ll stop following, and let me get on with my life.”

He chuckled a bit, “Ok, but I’ll have you know I’m an awesome guesser, and if I guessed correctly, I get your name, and I get to take you out to dinner.”

I laughed, he wasn’t going to guess shit, and my name is so difficult he’ll be kicking himself when we’re done here. “Ok first clue, it’s not a common name. Number two it’s a part of a frequently used saying, and three I guess it could be used as a male or female name.”

He raised his eyebrows, “You guess it could be a male or female name? Your name must be epic, very well then, give me a minute to think it over.” He took a deep breath; I could see the gears in his brain slowly turning, I was laughing to myself, yeah I got him. I started to walk past him while he was still deep in thought. I turned back around, “I guess I’ll be seeing you around, thanks for the coffee.” I swung back around and made haste towards my job.

The End

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