The truest greatness lies in being kind

6 months on.

Alexandra was born, her name suitably chosen after Robbie ‘defender of mankind’. Christmas passed and finished. Jessica and I got married in early March. We moved house in April. Now it was May.
I visited Robbie’s mother every month, and every month I saw the sorrow deep in her hazel eyes. I saw the anguish for her only son, the pain etched into her lined face. But with the grief, I saw the pride. The pride of her son’s greatness and courage.
We planted a white rose bush in her garden, with a simple engraved plaque for Robbie. And now in early May, the roses blossomed and revealed the same goodness and light that Robbie had brought to me, Jessica and Alexandra.

I gazed at the pure white roses in the garden, and felt Jessica’s arms circle around my waist. I turned around and took her hand in mine, as we stood and watched a ladybird crawl across one of the petals. I drew her into my arms, as we embraced. I inhaled the familiar peachy scent of her hair, and kissed her gently. And I know that somewhere, wherever he was, Robbie was smiling.

The End

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