first lesson

just a story for a good friend

The first day of school. Holding his mother's hand, little Max looked around, the number of children amazing his youthful mind. The younger children chased each other around the playground equipment as the the older kids played handball or soccer. Being led into the front office, Max struggled to climb the steps, his little legs barely able to cope with the adult sized stairs. 

Dark clouds circled the school, hovering under the sun, making the day seem darker than normal. His heart began to beat faster as he waited, stuck underneath the shelf in the wall used by the office ladies even though Mum did all the work, asking directions and names of teachers. The pressure of starting a new school half way through the year was mounting on his young shoulders. Not wanting to get lost, he clung to his mothers legs tightly, eeking out the comfort of her familiar presence. 

Tugging Him along, his mother gently guided him to his classroom. With all the other children lining up on the long ramp into the room, Max found a spot in the double line next to a young girl. As he stood, his mother gave him a last minute goodbye kiss on his forehead and kneeling down said "I love you Max, be good for your teacher and classmates for me." He felt something wet drip into his hair as she stood to leave.

Watching his mother leave, Max didn't care about the little girl standing next to him, he ignored her muffled sobs as she cried into her jumper sleeve. The teacher, a short woman, around twenty years old, with short blonde hair and light blue eyes called out over their heads "Hello class, my name is miss Waters, As this is all your first day, i want you to turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself, Say your name and shake hands." As everyone moved to do this, Max finally looked up into the face of the girl next to him. A too long jumper sleeve hid half her face, but from what he could see, she looked nice. The type of person who would never try and hurt anything. Seeing her tears, Max swallowed his own fear for what was about to happen. Looking at her dark brown hair, Max held out his hand and said " Hey, i'm max, what's your name?" As he said this, The little girl looked up from the ground. Studying his face for a few seconds, she calmed her breathing and held her own hand out, grasping his. "Jade, my name is Jade." Smiling at having obeyed his mother, Max shook her hand. As the smile spread across his face, he saw it flow onto Jade's face as well.

As the children filed into the classroom, The teacher sat them all on the large open area on the floor. Taking her own seat in front of everyone, She said "Okay children, this is the floor area, you sit here when i tell you, This masking tape" She pointed to a line of white masking tape on the floor "shows you where you can sit, you can only sit on the inside of the square, do you all know what a square is?" As she asked the question almost all of the children shook their heads. Jade, still next to Max yelled out "YES!"

The teacher continued to explain all these new things. Max wasn't paying attention, he was staring at all the things hanging on the walls. The artworks from last years kids, the paintings on the lower walls, The stacks of toys badly hidden behind a wooden screen. The only thing that kept him from waling off was the constant yelling of Jade next to him. She was getting more confident as she found out she knew more than the other kids. 

Suddenly, as Max was watching the clouds on the other side of the window, a loud ringing noise filled the air, Max jumped at the sudden noise. As he regained his composure, he noticed nearly all the other kids staring at him. They had been waiting for it while he was daydreaming. The teacher spoke up as soon as the bell stopped ringing " okay children, you can go to recess now, when the next bell goes, you line up back at the ramp, just like you did this morning. Max, i would like to talk to you before you go. Everyone else, enjoy recess and DON'T get hurt." 

As the other children left, Max stood in the back of the sitting square. When the door closed behind the last child, The teacher, Miss waters walked over. Kneeling so she would be level with him, she asked "You didn't go to preschool did you?" When Max shook his head, she continued "Well then i am going to have to try and teach you more than the others. When your mother tells you to do something, do you do it?" When max nodded his head, the teacher again continued " Well then, would you mind doing the things i tell you? if you would listen to me when i am talking you could be smarter than most of the other kids easy, would you like that?" Max didn't know how to react, he just wanted to go home. ever since he saw his cousins going to high school, he had wanted to go to school, now he didn't like the idea so much."You can go to recess now Max, but when you come back, try to be a little more focused, alright?" He just wanted to be out of the room. Nodding his head he ran out of the classroom.

The End

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