Ayman and Freddie

The letterbox opened then slammed shut loudly. The mailman had been. Ayman stopped pouring the explosives and shuffled towards his apartment door to pick up his mail. He sighed and flicked through the bills and death threats but stopped when he saw a letter with a TV show logo stamped on it.

"What is this!" he exclaimed in Arabic. After leaving Kuwait a few months ago Ayman had failed to learn any English while in his current location. This had made finding a job very difficult. Although he did not have a paying job he did have a job from Al-Queda. "I have been accepted! Brilliant! After I'm finished on that TV show, nobody will be left standing. Not even me!" he laughed menacingly before quickly noticing his device. He was running late.

The terrorist quickly finished his pouring then added the finishing touches to his contraption. The timer began counting down as Ayman left his apartment. Without stopping to lock the door he jogged down the three flights of stairs and out of the apartment. When he was just a few metres away an almighty bang blasted at his eardrums and incinerated the surrounding area. He looked back in pride at his destruction before heading off to the television studio. He was going to be a celebrity!


Freddie took one last deep breath on his inhaler. He could not believe his luck. Why would Killzone pick him...out of all people. Freddie had orignally only applied for the show to prove to his older brother he was man enough to apply. Now they had accepted he was in deep bother. He was man enough to write off but was he man enough to take a life. To kill!

"What are you doing in there!" Freddie's mum shouted before opening his bedroom door. Even though he was twenty-nine he still lived with his mum and dad. They smothered him and made him afraid of the outside world. Freddie handed her the letter and frowned into her horrified eyes. It was her fault he was a weakling and it was her fault he lived his entire life indoors. She was responsible for ruining his life.

The overweight mother opened his mouth but her weedy son shushed her. "I'm going on Killzone. End of."

Not only was he entering. He was going to do all he could to win.

The End

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