Grace and Todd

"...and that is how we plan to save the whales" A roar of clapping echoed throughout the assembly hall at PETA. "Now we have a special announcemount from Grace!"

The dark blond girl walked up to the stand and talked into the microphone, "A lot of you may know that I applied for the TV show Killzone a few months ago. They wrote back to me and" she brushed her hair from her face dramatically "I got accepted as a contestant. Now I can stop that evil show and stop the madness. Life is something that needs to be cherished and not thrown away for profits and money. I realise I will miss the 'Save the Hedgehogs' rally but I must do it!"

She walked away from the microphone and was embraced by loud cheers and grateful hugs. The only hippie not joyous was Grace's twin sister, Hope.

"You'll get killed!" Hope cried almost tearfully "Its a murderous TV show...why would you enter?"

"For the greater good, sister" Grace replied "for the greater good"

Grace claimed she was doing it to stop the madness but in order to do that she may have to eliminate one or two contestants first


"This time...I will do it!" Todd cried to himself. He held the sharp blade to his wrist with the deadly sharp tip pointing at his main artery. The simple slice would render him dead in a matter of minutes. Just as his life was about to be taken away the door flung open surprising Todd. In the moment of shock he dropped the knife. His suicide attempt was easily foiled by his idiotic roomate.

"What is it Sam!" Todd roared. He stared up at the shocked student who was holding a fine printed piece of paper

"You-you've been accepted as a contestant on Killzone!"

"You're joking!" Todd screamed snatching the letter and reading it for himself. The chronically depressed student had an answer to his prayers. He was too important to kill himself alone. It had to be done so everyone could see...national TV was perfect. Plus, if he didn't get murdered his second option would be to take someone down with him. Killzone was going to get a hell lot more interesting.

The End

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