Lucy and Harry.

"Why do you want to enter something like this anyway?" a woman asked, as she washed the dishes in a kitchen sink. A young girl was standing beside her, drying them. They both shared the similar blonde hair and pale blue eyes, and both were quite slim. "I mean it's not like we're in desperate need of money Lucy."

"I can't explain it Mum. I just want to enter it, and I've already been accepted. I'm over 21 so it's not like you can legally stop me," the young woman, Lucy, replied.

"But killing people honey? Really? Couldn't you go on another reality show? American Idol, or survivor or even the Biggest Loser?" her mother asked.

"Are you saying I need to lose weight?" Lucy retorted, raising an eyebrow. It was clear that she was not someone who wanted to lose weight.

"I'm just saying that if you want to be on TV maybe you can go on a show where you won't be dead at the end of it."

Lucy laughed suddenly, lifting a hand to pat her mother on the shoulder. "I won't be dead at the end," she said, reassuringly. "Did you see the kind of guys who were on the last one. Muscular guys, and the girls were all tough looking as well. A sweet young girl like me will be the last thing they expect. Heck, I may be able to find a guy to take me under his wing and play the big tough hero. But trust me mother, I'm not helpless."

"It's just, all the contestants but one die on that show. And most of them will be so much stronger than you."

A cold glint appeared in Lucy's eyes. "Then I will just have to be that one. And trust me, there are lots of way to kill someone without the need for strength."



Harry glanced over the piece of paper in his hands. He still couldn't believe it, that he had been accepted. Weeks ago he had applied for the TV show Killzone, and now he had the reply in his hands. He smiled to himself.

He'd applied for the show out of necessity really. When you were an ex-con who had only recently been released for murder, well manslaughter technically, it was hard to find a place to stay, let alone someone willing to give you a job. He'd spent 15 years behind bars before he was paroled, 15 years were the world moved on and any skills he had were soon not up to scratch in this new fast paced world. 15 years of his youth, of his blood and sweat and tears just hoping to get out.

Then he'd seen the ad on the television in the halfway house for ex convicts like himself and an idea had come to him. He knew he had little marketable skills, but what if the skill that had put him away, the ability to kill someone in cold blood, could be profitable. This reality show was after people who wouldn't think twice about murdering someone, as long as they stuck to the rules of course, and killed on the set days. And he had murdered someone once, so surely he met the bill.

Yet he'd known of the cliche of his position, an ex con appearing on Killzone. It hadn't stopped him from applying though and now the result was in his hand. He was ready. The last 15 years of his life in that hellhole had prepared him for this and he was going to put that experience to good use. 

The End

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