A televised show in which the contestants have only one objective- to be the last one standing.

The crowd was huge, bigger than ever before. The President of the games smiled upon it with joy. They were jumping, yelling, screaming and laughing. All because of him. Bradley Clarke had finally achieved what his mom had always wanted for him. He had become a great man.

The chief organizer walked onto the stage and said a few words. He was a boring man with a boring speech, and Bradley found his attention drifting away. The contestants, what a lot they were this time around. Bradley had really gone all out in search of the most interesting contestants he could find to put in the Killzone, and his efforts would soon bear fruit. The audience would love and their ratings would go up and they would make even more money.  Not that Bradley needed it. He was a man of simple tastes, and what he had earned from the first Killzone game itself had been enough for him to survive on for the rest of his life. However, it seemed like money and fame were synonymous with success, and success was something Bradley could never get enough of.

The chief organizer finally finished his speech. Bradley was glad; the crowd was getting a bit restless. They were waiting for the bloodshed to start. The man who signified this bloodshed walked onto the stage, and the crowd went insane. Romy Walker had come out of the Killzone with only one leg intact, but the leg had been a decidedly small price to pay. He had more money than he could ever dream of using, and an almost life-like artificial leg had replaced the old one.

Romy had been the ideal winner of the games. He was good-looking, politically correct, articulate and the crowd just loved him. He said a few words about the previous game, and how wonderful it had been to get out of it alive, and that the money had not been the best part, that the experience was something that had been more rewarding than he could ever have imagined. Bradley didn’t care if he was lying, what was important was that he sounded sincere and the audience ate it up.

Then, as was tradition, Romy took the official list of contestants from Bradley, and started to read out the name of the contestants. As Romy would read out the names, the contestants would appear from backstage.

Bradley smiled as Romy started.

“The contestants are…”

The End

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