My eyes jittered in my skull. Where was Davis? Where were the nurses and doctors that tie my down and inject me with things that silence my thoughts?

  "Davis?" I called, my voice hoarse and my throat sore. I haven't talked in a long time. That's what happens if you don't use somthing for a long time; you lose it.

   Is that what Davis is trying to do? Why would he do that?

   "Why did you leave me?" I whispered. My eyes hurt. I wanted to cry, but nothing ever came. I stumbled down the flourescent hall, stopping at an intersection. Everything was left unused and empty.

   "Why don't you love me?!?!"I screamed. I practically felt my throat tear and bleed. I turned left and drug my way to the first door. I peered into the room where a constant and quiet beeping came from.

  There on the cot layed a man in a bunny suit. It was pink and smiling, but on his perfect white stomach, was a splattering of blood. He was hooked up to a life-support machine,and the screen only showed a smiley face.

   I walked on.

 "Davis.." I said to myself, as if setting a mission as I stumbled to the front door.

The End

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