A grave decisionMature

As I willed my mouth to move, the words to form, the sounds to tumble from my lips, imploring him to stay, begging him to love me as he had once loved me, he turned.

His hand, almost absent mindedly, went to touch my foot, but even here he faultered and instead he walked away.  The door closed behind him without him looking back.

Paralysed no more, my body finally responded to my command and i croaked his name, a tear sliding down my face, the pain in my head increasing til all i could see was a light too bright to bear.

Almost against my own will, my hand crept back toward my wound, to once again achieve a reprieve from what i felt in my heart but the bandage was wound too tight. 

Instead, I slid the needle out of my arm, not bothering to stem the blood, feeling release, my pain seep away with the blood i no longer wanted in my heart.

Fighting against the nausea and vertigo, I pushed myself out of bed, feet unsteady beneath me, hospital gown pulled near, and made my way to the door.  The handle felt icy to my grasp and the blood running down my arm made the handle slip from my grasp for a moment. 

Then suddenly I was in the corridor, long and empty like the life lying ahead of me.  The barren walls made me think of my womb, lifeless, empty, and it seemed in that instant that they too would never again harbour life.

The pain now unbearable, I scuttled down the corridor, the slap of my bare feet on the floor the only sound in the world.

The End

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