Killing Machine

“Sir, the latest phase of Operation Kitchener is over. Subject is more than perfect physically, the operation is practically a complete success.”


“Yes Sir.”

“Could you please expand Sergeant. Have we created the perfect soldier or not? We can’t afford to run the program again you realise.”

“Well, it’s just, we haven’t be able to test the subjects IQ, he claims, and I quote “tests are boring, you’re boring, fail me, I don’t care.”

“So, just order him to take it.”

“I would Sir, but I don’t think it’ll make a difference, it is my opinion that the subject is lazy, apathetic and unpatriotic.”

“Lazy! But you just said he was physically perfect.”

“Yes Sir, he is, but he seems unwilling to put effort in. When his purpose was explained to him he said, and again I quote. “I can’t fight, I’ve got a stomach ache, I’m taking my annual holiday now and anyway I’m a pacifist so you can’t make me fight, I quit the army, I don’t care if we lose, you’re boring, stop being boring.”


The End

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