Chapter 4Mature

I stopped the car on the side of the road. The lake. It was empty. The open area, the lake, the trees, swaying in the light breeze. It felt so good. I ran to it. I wanted to swim. I've been skinny-dipping before for the heck of it and I might as well do it now. I quickly threw my clothes off and jumped into the lake from the boarwalk. The water was warm against my skin. It encircled my body.

"Having fun there?" said a voice.

A guy's voice. Crap. I blushed. He walked to the edge of the boardwalk. He looked familiar.

"Hey, now, don't worry. I'm not that kind of guy," he said looking at my clothes, "I won't look at you when you get out of the water or anything."

"Um... thanks," I said, hesitantly.

"Skinny-dipping... first time?"

"Actually, no."

"Experienced, huh?"


He laughed.

"So, you're probably wondering why I'm up so early. And then again, I should ask you the same."

"Well, I was just awake. I couldn't sleep."

"Me either. Mind if I join you?"


"You know... swimming... not in the nude, however, like you seem to enjoy."

"I don't enjoy swimming naked. I was angry... okay?"


He threw off his shirt and jumped in. Could he see me under the water?

"Don't worry," he said, " the water ain't clear or anything. I don't see you."

"O thank god," I said aloud, blushing.

He smiled.

"By the way," he said, coming near me, "I'm Seth."

"I'm Grace."

"Well, nice to meet you. Awakward way to meet, but then again, different."


"Are you uncomfortable? 'Cause I could leave if you want..."

"No," I said quickly, "I mean... I like company."

"Well, okay."

We swam farther and talked for what seemed like hours. The sun came up, peering down on us, as if it finally found us. We swam back to the boardwalk.

"I have to go," I said, "don't look."

He smiled, nodding, and turned around, as I pulled myself up and slipped on my clothes.

"Okay," I said, "and you do know that your jeans are gonna be soaking wet, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"They'll slip off."


"You know..."

He smiled. My shirt with me and Nate snugged my body, my pajama pants with Pooh Bear tight around my thighs.

"Who's that?" Seth asked.

"No one," I said looking away.

"Tell me when we meet again."

"What makes you think that we will?"

"I have a feeling," he said.

I smiled.

"If we do, you know it ends life as we know it," I said, "because if we meet again, it'll be the start of a new life."


"Nevermind. Thanks... and maybe we'll meet again."

"We will."

I smiled, a genuine one, and walked to my car.

The End

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