Chapter 3Mature

I sighed, allowing myself to cry, waiting at the red light, the light masking my face. The street was empty at this time and I wanted it this way. No cars equal no accident. And I hated myself, thinking it was my fault that Nate died and I wasn't with him. He begged for me to come with him, but I was angry at the time and had simply said no. He said I was his good luck charm and without me, something horrible would happen to him. It was a joke, but it was like he knew. He had burst out laughing, walking out of my room, leaving his cell phone on the bed side table. And I grunted and walked downstairs to kiss him, no matter how angry I was. 

"Bye," I said, through my teeth. 

He wrapped his arms around my slender body, sighing. He told me loved me. The last thing he ever said to me. I turned on the radio in my car, the silence vanishing. The silence haunted me. Now it was gone. Life as I knew it took a dramatic turn and I pulled into the driveway of my grandma's house. She would understand. I rang the doorbell. She opened the door. My grandmother was beautiful. Old, but beautiful. She was petite, her whitish brown hair falling to her shoulders. Frail skin, blue eyes, and a wide smile spread across her lips. Always wearing an apron over a simple white dress, while she was in her house. Small glasses nestled on her nose. I hugged her, my tears falling on her gown. 

"There, there, child. Now, calm down. Come in, I've just prepared tea."

Always wide awake at 4 in the morning. My grandma was different. And by different, I mean different. She practically knew everything. I never needed to ask her anything. She knew. She was prepared. Did she know about Nate?

"Grandma," I said, the hot tea falling down my throat like a waterfall, "did you know about Nate?"

She looked at me, the tea fogging up her glasses.

"Yes," she finally said, "I did, child."

"You did?" I whispered harshly.

She nodded.

"You didn't stop it?"

"No, but_"

"What? But what?"

"There's a reason. I can't change what's written."

"What the hell?" I said, almost shouting.

"I know your future. Only you can change it, however. Nate was eventually going to die... very young. And you weren't meant to be with him."

"Then who was I meant to be with?"

"I don't know yet."

"But he didn't have to die."

"He did. It  was his future. God wanted it that way."

"You believe everything happens for a reason?"

She nodded.

"Well, I don't! I think things happen due to others' mistakes. Your mistake."

I placed my tea cup on the table.

"Just 'cause you're some psychic crap, I don't think what you did was right."

I was being so rude. But she was the one who messed my whole life up.

"Nate is happy. He is with God."

"What? Now you communicate with spirits?"


"O my god."

"Now, Grace..."

"I gotta go..."

I walked out her door.

"Grace! Would you just listen?"


I climbed into my car and drove off.

The End

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