In a past life, Dizra was known as the notorious killer of all time, Jack the Ripper. Everything changed when he died. He was meant for Hell, but God had other plans for him.
Dizra feels his deal with God is a curse when the girl he wants to be with forever dies in a car crash that also left him scarred & mangled. Dizra devotes his life to killing in God's name so he can bury the memory of his love & heal his broken, mangled heart. Dizra's heart has hardened, but the scars have not healed.

Broken... Hurt... Mangled.... were the thoughts that went through Dizra's mind as he glazed into the mirror at his body. The scars left behind from the terrible car crash were already puckering. That was the upside of immortality, but right now, Dizra would rather be dead . A tear escaped Dizra's eye. He was alone now. His favored human companion, the one he planned to make immortal so she could stay with him forever, had died in that fateful car crash.

Dizra slammed his fist on the bathroom sink. No one would want him now that the right half his face was scarred horribly. His body was in a similar condition, but with so much less scarring. 3 long, puckering scars went diagonally on his torso, proving that they had tried to drag him down to Hell for escaping his death as he laid unconscious in the rumble of the crash. The angels and the demons probably had a little game of tug of war with me, Dizra thought.

Hell was where Dizra was supposed to go, but God had different plans for him. Dizra was known as the notorious killer, Jack The Ripper, when he was still alive. Back then, Dizra thought he was doing right; kill the prostitutes so they sin no more. He did it in God' name, but only he knew. Everything was going well until he died.

Dizra, bound with chains, had just reached the gates of Hell when God decided to intervene. God didn't want such a notorious killer, especially one who thought he was doing right, be in the hands of the Devil. So God stole him away from the Devils clutches and gave Dizra a choice. To work on Earth for God as a hunter of all things evil and have the chance of at one point making it to heaven, or to go burn in the fiery pits of Hell. At the time, he was sure his choice was the better one, but now he's not sure. Sometimes it seems like a gift, but right now, it seemed like a twisted curse.

Dizra gripped the sink and ripped it off the wall, throwing it at the wall. Water sprayed at him from the broken pipes. He let out a frustrated scream and tears leaked down his broken face. Why me? God why me? He thought dejectedly.

The End

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