2KN: Chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3


 "How are we going to make one?" Austin asked. "I thought only Hazel knew how to make one."

"She isn't." I stood up carrying her shaking body. "We need to get to my house." I turned towards her car. How are we going to be able to get her car so it doesn't look odd still standing there in the parking lot. Then it hit me. "Adam did you ride with Scott today?"

"Yes I did." He answered. "Good. I want you to take Hazel's keys and drive her car to my house. Everyone else, lets head to my house." Without questioning they followed my orders. Dean and Austin got into Dean's car as Nick and Carter got into Nick's. Adam ran to the Junior Parking lot to Hazel's car. Scott headed to his car. Jack and John left for Jack's car as I carried Hazel to my car with Chuck following.

"You know how to make a Portal?" Chuck asked as he slide into the passenger seat.

"I'll explain when we get to my house." I said as I turned out of the lot.

After all six cars reappeared at my house and all of us were sitting and my living room except for Hazel who was lying on her back yelling names time to time I explained.

"OK. So while we were in Ghea for the last hours, Ishka pulled me aside. He said if I had to at any time, need to, to make a Portal back to Ghea. It's almost like what Hazel said. But there is also power. Ishka taught me how to open the Portal from our world to his." There was a moment of silence before anyone said anything.

"So we are really doing this?" Carter eyes looked up into mine. "We are going back to Ghea?"

"We must." I said dropping my glaze to Hazel. "It might be the only way to turn her back to normal."

"She won't be normal." Scott said. "She will never be the same Hazel before she ever enter Ghea. That world changed her just as it had changed us. Even more. James, you want the old Hazel back. But it won't be the same."

"I know." I sighed. "But I can't stand seeing her shaking all the time."

"Do you have strong feelings for her?" Nick asked.

"Yea I do." I met him straight in the eye.

"Then lets go back." Nick said as if he lost. "Since you do care about her."

I held my arms far apart and raised them high in the air. All of the sudden I felt warmth rise in me as I spoke. "Take us where we do not want but need to be to save our dear friend. Take us where everything changed for us. TAKE US THERE!" A white hole appeared in front of me and I stood in awe. I made a Portal!

"Alright." Jack leaped up from the couch. "We should head in before your mom finds us."

"Right." I shook my head. "I'll take Hazel with me."

One by one we all entered the Portal. Nick and I were the last ones in my living room.

"If anything happens to us again. I will blame you." Nick said as he disappeared in the white hole. I think he said the same thing last time when we went after Hazel. I stepped in after with Hazel twitching in my arms.

"Who are you?!" A voice scared me from behind. I turned to find myself looking at a guy around my age with light skin and blond hair and ocean blue eyes. "I said who are you?"

"We are friends of Ishka." I said.

"Ishka is my father." The guy said. "I would know all his friends by now."

"I'm James. This is Nick. We are friends with him." I said hoping he would believe us. But he froze, staring at me. 

"You guys are the mighty ten?" He stumbled. "The ones that defeated Night Killer?"

"Yes thats us." I said.

"I'm so sorry for my rudeness!" He said. "I'm Dave. My father has told me so much about you guys." He paused and looked at Hazel in my arms. "Who's that?"

"She is Hazel." I frowned. "She is why we are here looking for your father."

"Okay. Okay." Dave said. "Follow me."

As we were following him I started to wonder we were gone for only a month and Ishka already has a son. Is Dita his mother? He hasn't said anything about his mother. Dave lead us to the palace where we were once torture a month ago. Staring back at the place didn't give me a warm feeling and the look of my friend's face I knew they felt the same. Everything was the same. Well of course it's only been a month since we were last here.

"My dad is up there." Dave pointed to the top of the West Tower. "Let you know he is on his death bed." He frowned. "But I hope he helps you." We left him and headed up. Hazel stopped shaking for a second but that second didn't last long. 

We reached the top to a door and opened it. Ishka was lying in a bed in the middle of the room that was filled with books and had candles everywhere. Ishka didn't look the same as last time. Gray hair and to many wrinkles. 

"Ishka?" I called out.

"I know that voice." A frail voice spoke from the body.

"Ishka. It's me. James."

"James! Oh good." Ishka smiled. "What brings you here?"

"It's Hazel." I answered. "She keeps yelling 'Night Killer' and 'Jak-ah' and sometimes your name."

"Bring her here." Ishka slowly sat up. "Then go downstairs and get my son. Let us be and then I think Hazel will be okay."

We all met eye to eye and were not sure what to do besides listen and do what Ishka wanted. As we got to the bottom of the tower we sent up Dave and waited. A hour past and still no Hazel or Dave. I started to pace.

"Hey James." Scott said. "Sit down. Everything will be okay. Remember she is with Ishka."

"How long were we gone from here?" Carter asked.

"It seems a while." Adam said.

"Have you guys heard anything about Dita?" Jack looked around at all of us.

"I was wondering the same thing." John put his hand on his chin. 

"Wait." Dean whispered. "I hear laughter." He turned his head to the West Tower. We all heard it to. It was Hazel's laughter! A laugh we haven't heard in a long time. Then she appeared.

"Hey guys." Hazel smiled. "I'm back to normal!" But something didn't seem normal.

The End

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