2KN: Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2


 "Come on Chuck!" I yelled out of my car window. "We are going to be late!"

  "SHOTGUN!" Chuck hollered as he raced out of his house.

"Chuck you are the only one I'm taking to school." I told him as he hopped into my car.

 "I know. I just didn't want Casper to take my spot."

"If Casper did take it, I would have punched him in the face." I smiled.

"James what am I gonna do without you next year. I won't be able to drive until the end on my sophomore year."

"You always have the others." I sighed.

"Yeah... I guess your right. Hey James before you leave us you should have a blow-out party."

"Sure thing Chuck." I laughed. One thing I like about Chuck, he was the mood breaker. When someone is down just have Chuck around he will make you laugh at something.

"So I was playing Mario Cart last night and I found out what the gold mushrooms do!" Chuck was super happy about this.

"Chuck... Mario Cart? And wait you never knew what they did?" I started laughing. "Dude everyone knows what it does."

"I didn't!"

"Well thats because your a blond." It turns out we were a little late to school, only five minutes which didn't hurt us.

 "See ya later James!" Chuck ran off to class after I parked my car. I looked at the Junior and Sophomore parking lot. Someone else was running late. It was Hazel. She didn't notice me at all as she rushed into school. But something seem strange about her today like she couldn't stop shaking. I looked at my watch. Crap ten minutes have passed and they count me absent if I'm later than fifteen minutes.

At lunch was the only time I saw Hazel again. Every time I glanced at her she was shaking like crazy. Karrie tried to calm her down but it didn't work. Ashley, Jordan, and Chase were gathering around her. Karrie got up to put trash away when Scott called out to her.

"Karrie! What's up with Hazel?"

"Why should you care?" She looked at us as disgusting but then she sighed. "She's been shaking non-stop. And she kept saying 'night killer' and 'jak-ah' and 'ishka'... Do you what she is talking about?"

 "No idea." Scott lied. Karrie could tell he was and narrowed her eyes at us.

"You guys took it to far this time. And I will find out what ya'll did to her and I will ruin your lives like you did to her." Karrie stormed off to her friends.

No one spoke for a while. We watched Hazel's table as her friends worried all around her. My eyes fell on my friends, Nick, Scott, Adam, and Austin, and one by one their eyes met mine.

"James what are we going to do?" Austin asked.

"Nothing." I replied and started eating.

"Hey James!" My friend Casey called from behind me. "Tomorrow we should go out to lunch!"

"OK! We should!" James smiled at Casey.

"Man I can't wait to be a senior." Austin said. "Then I could leave campus and go to Jack in a Box."

"You need to wait two more years little dude." Adam smiled. "Next year, me and Scott and Nick are going to party for lunch."

After school, Chuck, Carter, Dean, and John were waiting for me at my car. At first they didn't notice I arrived.

"That Chuck is something you shouldn't brag about." Dean said. "It's kinda bad that you figure that just now."

"Whatever Dean." Chuck smiled boldly. "You guys are just jealous."

"Mmm... Bragging about playing a game won't get the ladies." John laughed.

"Are you still talking about Mario Cart, Chuck?" I asked and all of them turn towards me and nodded. "I have to agree with John, Chuck, you are getting no girls."

"Alright." Chuck sighed. "I'll pick them up with Kingdom Hearts."

"Chuck how about just no video games for girls." Scott said as he, Nick, Adam, Jack, and Austin joined them. "Video games isn't a turn on most of the times."

"There are some girls!" Chuck smiled but his smile vanished in a second as his eyes drifted past me. "James." He pointed at something. I turned around and saw Hazel.  Hazel was uncontrollably shaking and calling out the name we all fear and hated.

"Night Killer! Jak-ah!" Then she fell.

"Hazel!" I yelled as I ran to her. Hazel's eyes were closed as she was shaking as if she was having a seizure. "Everything will be okay Hazel." I said as I lead her head on my lap.

"What are we going to do?" Chuck asked.

"Take her to the hospital." Nick said. "Like normal people."

"We can't take her there." I sighed.

"Why can't we?" Carter's voice spoke.

"Because we will have to explain things." Scott answered.

"We don't have to." Nick argued.

"It would look odd seeing ten teenage boys brining in a girl having a seizure and yelling out random things." Adam said.

"It just means," I said as I turned my towards them. "That we have to go back to the world."

"Go back to Ghea?" John looked at me as if I was a mad man.

"Yes. I think Ishka could help us cure her." I turned my head back towards her.

"So if we are, " Nick said. "Going back... How are we going to get there?" I lifted my head.

"Through a Portal."

The End

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