Killer Series: Part 2 Night KillerMature

Night Killer is back but this time she takes over Hazel as her own mind. It's up to James and the rest of his friends to bring Hazel back by going to into the world Ghea once again to seek help from Ishka. The question is how are they going to get Night Killer out if Ishka is on his death bed? The boys have a difficult task ahead. How are they going to get Hazel back?

Chapter 1 


"Move out of my way Carter!" Austin roared over sounds of guns and explosions coming out of the T.V.

"That's not me." Carter responded.

"That's me!" Nick shouted.

"What! Crap. I'm dead." Austin laughed.

We were all playing Halo at my house on a Sunday afternoon. It's been a month since our time in the world Ghea and things have change in our group. We are closer then we used to be. One thing has changed that we used to do was our pranks on Hazel had stopped. 

Hazel hasn't spoke to us since the day she ran out crying after making the portal. She doesn't talk to anyone, not just us, her friends too. Karrie, Hazel's best friend, has been on our case too. She keeps blaming us that Hazel won't talk or smile. She's always depressed and tears fall from her eyes. Jack has a class with her and he said that she is always bundle in her hoodies and listening to her itouch and just ignoring everyone.

I agree with Karrie at times. It does seem like our fault since we are mainly the reason she acting like she is. In the world Ghea she was known as Night Killer, a deadly hunter of the night going around killing everything that breaths. She even torture us almost to our deaths but if it wasn't for Ishka, the one who did every bidding of Night Killer. His best friend was Empire who almost destroy Ghea. Jak-ah, the worst Empire ever, was the one that took Hazel away and made her Night Killer. His name was Jake in our world and he fooled us. He loved her so much that he made her a way that she could never return normal.

What Jak-ah wanted came true. Hazel is not the same. And I love her. It was me that brought her back to normal. Because she loved me more than ever and she will always recognize me. I wish she could just face me with her beautiful hazel eyes and are always shining. But that Hazel is long gone and sadly I don't think we will ever get her back.

"James." My mom called for me. "Tell your friends it's time for them to go home. Tomorrow is a school day and you know the rules."

Yeah on Sunday nights everyone leaves at five and on weekdays everyone gone by eight-thirty. A rule thats been followed my whole life.

"Ok guys you heard my mom." I sighed. "Time to go home."

"Yea. Gotta respect Mother Lay." Nick put his controller down. Carter stood up and turned off my Xbox while Austin gathered all the controllers.

"See ya later James!" Adam said as he left on his skateboard with Scott. After everyone left I all of the sudden wanted to go outside. Maybe I was hoping to see Hazel. I have only seen her out once and that was when I was walking to John's house. It was a brief moment as she was heading inside from her car, she saw me and ran. She shut the door before I could speak.

As I followed Chuck, who was the last one to leave, out the door. Chuck hopped on his bike and race off with Carter. I smiled as I watched those two boys leave. They are the youngest in the group and been through a lot. Being torture and almost killed changes you. But at the same time they haven't been through what the rest of us. Like girls and school wise stuff. They have so much room to grow... Unlike me.

I still haven't told my parents I have got accepted to OSU, Oklahoma State University, I don't know why I have put it off for so long. It's been a week since I got the letter informing me. 

I went to my mailbox and sat on the curb next to it. I started to think about my neighborhood group. Our neighborhood was divide into three different parts. The old part was on the east side and thats where Nick, Carter, Austin, and John lived there. There are two new areas, then one I lived with Dean, Jack, and Chuck are the west part. The newer part was north and only Adam and Scott lived in that area. They used to lived in the old section but moved to the newer part.

When this year ends I will be leaving them. I sighed and when I did pain jolted inside me. The pain of Night Killer's torture still burns inside all of us. The pain happens at random moments too. One time at lunch Nick fell out in pain screaming "STOP!". Hazel saw it and tears fell her eyes because Nick did the same thing when she torture him. Adam passed out in class.  

It still effects us today. Only a month ago. If only Jake never came into this world none of this would happen.

I heard my mom calling for dinner so I went back inside.

"Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you." I said as my family sat down at the table. "I got accepted to OSU."

"That's great Honey!" Mom smiled brightly. "I am so proud of you!"

"Way to go son. Getting in to that college is great!" My father patted me on the back.

"Thats good bro." My brother Sam said while stuffing his face. Dinner ending after a while and I walked to my room.

I know for sure I will see Hazel tomorrow. If I don't I will make sure. I just hope I don't get chewed out by Karrie again.

The End

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