Chapter 21


Opening the Portal wasn't all that hard. I didn't want to but I agree to Carter so I did it. Watching them all going in the white portal made me really not what to go back to Earth. Will anything be same. I already knew that answer. It was no.

"Nick! Nick!" Two boys ran up to Nick. They hugged him goodbye and left with tears in their eyes.

"I feel like we are leaving Narina." Nick laughed.

"If this is Narina than who is Aslain?" James smiled.

"Me." I answered with a small smiled. Nick and James laughed. Nick finally entered the Portal. James reached his hand out to me. I backed away. Oh James. I love you so much and yet I almost killed you. James pulled his hand away and walked through the Portal.

I didn't want to go in. I didn't want to see their faces. I couldn't. They still hurt from what I have done. 

"Hazel you have to go." Ishka called out to me. I met his eyes knowing he is right. I have no chose. The Portal won't close if I don't go in. I finally took my steps into the hole and I entered into James' living room.

"James." James' mom looked around the corner from the kitchen. "You have been gone for two hours and no phone call. I'm disappointed young man."

James mouthed Two hours? "Sorry mom. Won't happen again."

"Good! I am making dinner. You boys want to stay for dinner? Hazel you can stay too."

"No. I'm fine." I strutter. I turn to the door and left. But James followed me outside.

"Hazel please. What's wrong?" He asked.

"Just please let me go home." Thats when I started sprinting to my house. When I got home I ran to my room and cried my eyes out. I have cried more in one day then the past fourteen years in Ghea. Or the past two hours in this world. But I have this gut feeling... That it won't be the last time of Ghea or Jak-ah or Night Killer.

Whatever happens I know I will not like it.

The End

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