Chapter 20


The whole town gather at the Center with the Ten and Hazel. Dita and I stood side by side, hand in hand. I love being with her. It made me joyful. Watch the eleven of them in front of everyone made me realize all my plans finally happen. Jak-ah is no longer Empire and Night Killer is no more. Being Empire made it final. Everything final. 

"Everything is ready." Dita whisper in my ear. "Hazel must open the portal. She mustn't hesitate. If she does they might not ever get back."

"Agree." I frowned. Seeing the body of Night Killer so out of it was different. She is now Hazel. It seems like it was yesterday and it was her first day here yelling and screaming at Jak-ah and calling him Jake. She kept calling a name. I now remember the name she called out. It was James. She kept saying James will come and find her but after two days she stopped saying that and became Night Killer with Dark Magic at Jak-ah and my side. Now here she is before me leaving as Hazel just like she enter but instead of screaming and was scared.

"Hazel." I called out to her. "You must do this." She nodded and began.

"Bring me back to where I once was. Where I was unknown of this place. Open me a hole to go back. The place us eleven love to see once more." Hazel raised her hands in the air, as far as she can reach. Her voice boomed over everything it was strong back to what Night Killer sounded it kind of scared me. "Open the gateway to the wonders of the other world. Give me the Portal to Earth! Where the eleven of us can go home." As she finish a white hole appeared in front of us. She brought her arms down and frowned. "It's open."

"Goodbye Sunny Hollow." James said weakly. He and the other guys were still in pain when Hazel was Night Killer. "Because of this town we got our friend back." He looked at Hazel. "And we are very thankful. Let's go home guys."

The first to go in were Jack and Carter. They took no time going through. One by one each followed all was left was Nick, James, and Hazel.

"Nick! Nick!" Two boys ran to Nick and hugged him. "Goodbye Nick." The boys hurried away from them with tears in their eyes.

James and Nick were talking and smiling while Hazel just stood there and didn't make eye contact with anyone. Hazel looked up and our eyes met and she was terrified. I gave her a smile that made her turned away, Nick finally went trough the white hole.

James reached for Hazel but she backed away and shook her head. Sadness swept across his face as he entered the hole. Hazel stood there for the longest time just looking at the Portal.

"Hazel you have to go." I said. Hazel's eyes met mine one more time before she disappeared into the whiteness of the Portal. When she entered the Portal vanished from our sights. And that's that.

"Dita let's go to the palace." I took her hand. "It's a wonderful, beautiful place."


I walked down the stone steps to my best friend. I found him sitting on the ground head leaning against the wall. He never looked so sad.


"She's gone." He said. His eyes open and the glazed upon me. "I watched her leave. Ishka... How? How did all of this happen? Hazel was mine. I should still have her. But I don't."

"Jak-ah you went to far this time." I sighed. "I can't undo the spell."

"I know. You had to do what you got to do." He too sighed. "Best friends?"

"Until the end." I smiled.

"Was it you who tried heal the boys over night after every torture?"

"Yes it was me. I wanted them to have energy. Night Killer never left any for them. Without it James would never be able to do want  he did. Same thing with the others. Exploring the palace. Finding someone to love. Or just having some fun to waste time. I cared for them."

"You are truly a good guy Ishka."

"I will bring you food later."

The End

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