Chapter 19


For the first time since being in Ghea I ate lunch alone. Eating by myself I thought of my other friends. The ones that are not here. The ones on Earth. I miss them so much. We all have friends outside our group but we are known to be together. Only Scott and Adam are true friends in the group while the rest have other.

"James!" Ishka broke my thoughts. "I think we need to talk about returning to Earth."

"I agree. But where are we going to meet?"

"At the Court Counter." Where the hell is that? "Its right next to the hotel." Ishka said reading my mind. "Meet there in twenty minutes."

 Dita appeared to whisk Ishka away. Great I have twenty minutes to tell everyone.

"Jack. Carter." I called out for them. "Meeting at the Court Counter in twenty minutes. Tell others."

"Are you going to tell Nick?" Jack asked. "Because I don't want to. And I don't think Carter wants to either."

"Yea I guess I will." I frowned. Nick disappointed us all, to side with Hazel when she was Night Killer.

Nick ate lunch at Rad's and Sabb's house, two boys that now live together because their parents hooked up. Finding Nick wasn't hard, he was outside playing ball with the boys.

"Nick." I walked slowly to him. " We have a meeting at the Court Corner."

"Where is that?"

"Next to the hotel." I turned away from him.

"Wait James!" Nick yelled as he ran to me. "Look James, I'm sorry. I... I don't know what I was thinking. I was just mad that.... Well you know. Everything."

"Nick it's fine." I smiled.

"We cool?" Nick stuck out his hand.

"Yea we're cool." I said smiling and taking his hand.

Nick said goodbye to Rad and Sabb then left with me. It turned out to be a fairly long walk to Court Counter. As it turns out Court Counter was a bar. The area that we were meeting was upstairs. Nick and I found Ishka and Dita in the front of the room facing a couple couches and chairs. Scott, Adam, Jack, and John sat on one couch while Carter, Austin, Chuck, and Dean sat on the other. Nick sat down on Carter's  couch and I sat in one of the empty chairs.

The door open which I found odd since we are all here. Hazel appeared in the room. She looked fragile and scared and lost.

"Thanks for joining us Hazel." Ishka smiled at her as she say down by herself on the far side of the room. "Now I know you all are wondering how to return home."

"And we have the answer." Dita finished for him. "Only one of you can make the portal to leave."

"Who is it?" Carter asked.

"Hazel." Ishka moved his body towards her. "Hazel is the only one."

"No." Hazel shook her head. "I... I... I can't do it." Hazel didn't looked at any of us as she ran off.

"Hazel! Wait!" I yelled after her. She was faster than me but I still followed. Hazel finally slowed down. "Hazel. Please."

"Go away James." She said. "Leave me alone."

"Hazel!" I heard Carter's voice behind me. "Hazel! Stop, I need to talk to you."

"Carter. James. Both of you go away." Hazel started to walked off.

"No." Carter followed. "I will not leave until I talk to you."

"Go away."

"I am not leaving. And I won't leave how many times do I have to say this?"

"Carter you are so annoying!" Hazel looked at him. "Fine. We will talk."

"Alone." Carter's eyes fell on me. There was no way I was leaving.

"Leave us James." Hazel's words hurt me.

"What?" I was shocked. Why is Carter here anyway? But as I stood still Hazel and Carter walked away with each other. I didn't move until they were a dot to me then I turned around and walked backed to the Court Counter.

Instead of going upstairs I went to the bar. I don't really drink since I am underage in the world Earth. Here the treated me like a hero and wanted to give me their finest wine, their coldest beer or their best champagne. I went with beer. The whole time I was wondering why Hazel wouldn't even look at me. Not even talk to me. But why? Finally after two beers I decided to go back up to my friends.

"What in the world is Carter doing?" I asked as I entered. 

"James." Dita frowned at me. "Carter is the only one to convince her."

"But why her and not me?"

"Because," Ishka intervened. "He out of all of you didn't bother her while she was Night Killer. He still has room yet to grow. He was also hurt the most besides you James. The reason why not you is that you confuse her. When she sees you her brain gets all jumble up inside she doesn't know what to do. Carter was the best to go change her mind."

"Its because she loves me isn't?"

"Yes." Dita put her hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry things will work out." I nodded and sat down next to Nick. The door open and Carter and Hazel appeared.

"I have decided." Hazel said softly. "I will do it." 

"Great!" Ishka smiled. "When the sun is highest in the sky today we will send you all home."

"Wait a sec. We only have couple of hours here til then." Jack said. 

"Can't wait!" Chuck jumped up but he did to fast and he fell back down in pain. "Ow." We all started to leave except Hazel. I stopped at the door and turned to her.

"Hazel. You okay?"

"Yea never better." She didn't even looked up at me. I knew she was lying through her teeth but what could I do. So I left her alone. Which hurt me a lot. We got three hours left in this world might as well spend it in a fun way.

The End

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