Chapter 18


"What have I done?" Hazel said as she felled to her knees crying. "James." She spoke my name as if she was recognizing me for the first time. But from that I could tell it was the real Hazel. The Hazel that was in my living room weeks ago. 

"R... Release them." She quietly said to Ishka. Once he did I ran to her.

"Hazel?" I was very unsure at the moment but I held her as she cried into my chest. "Everything is going to be okay."

"How dare you comfort that beast!" Someone yelled from the crowd. 

"Shut up." Dean faced them.  "She was brainwashed by Jak-ah to do his biding! Just leave her alone! There is no more Night Killer. Just Hazel."

At that moment Dita came into view. "Hazel is her name?" She asked. I nodded holding her tight. Dita looked at me then at Hazel. "I understand it now." She smiled. "You did what the prophecy said you would. Destroy Night Killer. And you did with love."

"I have killed babies, families, and almost my friends." Hazel shook against me. "I torture you for hours all in." Her voice wasn't strong like it was earlier it was weak and lonely.

"It's  okay Hazel. I got you." Was all I could say. But she pulled away from me.

"How can you say that when you have no idea what it feels like." Her eyes were redder then I have ever seen. She looked down at herself. "I'm a monster. I need to change."

"Hazel." Dita put a hand on her making her flinch. "Come with me. I will get you something else to wear and a place to sleep."

Hazel just nodded and follow her. But she first saw Scott leaning over Kai-ah's body. She had more tears coming down her face and turned to where Dita was heading.

What I said was true. The past week I have realize that I actually do love Hazel I just didn't want to admitted it. I love Hazel. Having her stand there looking into her hazel eyes I thought her was hotter than Dita.

Hazel has been here for thirteen years but she hasn't age a bit. But she really has. Maybe not on the outside but in the inside she has age in a great deal. And she hates it.

"James?" Carter came up to me. "Is Hazel going to be okay?" That was one question I couldn't answer. I have wonder it as well. Is Hazel ever going to be normal? Sadly I think the answer to that is no. Jake did make her the way where she could never go back to the way she was.

"Great job James!" Ishka said to me. "You saved Sunny Hollow and the world of Ghea. I hope Kill-Hazel is going to be alright."

"Yea me too." I sighed. "What happen to Jake?"

"Who?" Ishka looked confused. "Oh you mean Jak-ah? Don't worry about him. He won't be seen anymore."

I didn't know what he meant by that and I didn't want to know. I turned around to find Nick not standing far away. I narrowed my eyes. He wanted to join Hazel when she was Night Killer? He hated Hazel. Always has. He made eye contact with me then he immediately looked away.

I wanted to see Hazel so badly but I wanted to see how my friends were first. This world had changed us all especially Chuck and Carter. They are just freshmen, so innocent. They haven't been the same once entering this world.

Dean was sitting with John. Both quiet both unsure what to do next. Jack and Austin were talking to some villagers. My attention turned to Scott and Adam.

They just buried Kai-ah's body. Scott was worry sick when he found Adam yesterday. He thought he was dead. We all thought it really but Scott took it the worst. Mostly because it was his best friend.

Dita showed up. 

"How's Hazel?" I asked. She smiled at looked at the hotel we stayed in for a week. "She's in there. Same room."

I ran to the room and opened the door and saw Hazel standing over a table with all of our....... cell phones on it?

"They don't work." She said as I enter. "None of them."

"How did they get here?" I asked.

"I have no idea."

"Hazel you are still Empire."

"James leave me alone for now please." Hazel went to the back room and slammed the door shut.

I did as she wish kinda hurt me though. I as was walking down the village I heard Hazel called out.

"Villagers of Sunny Hollow made I have your attention!" She called from the hotel. "I am no longer Empire. Your new Empire is Ishka." And with that she went back into the room.

Cheers filled the village. I saw Dita running to Ishka and kissing him. Somethings have been answer by them my only question is.... How do we get out of here and back to Earth?

Ishka and Dita are the only ones the hold the answer to my question.

The End

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