Chapter 17

Night Killer

A smiled appeared across my face as I admired my half naked body through the mirror. I was wearing my black strapless bra and my black thong.

I was all nice and clean for tonight's event even though it was kind of in the morning. I needed to look amazing for when I take over.

I opened my closet door which was filled with only two colors: dark blood red and black. I pulled out black clothes. A strapless corset and a short skirt and  my knee high boots with three inch heels.

I left my dark room and enter a bright halls of the palace. I listen to the clicking of heels echoing through out the hallways.

As I enter Jak-ah's room he called my name. "My sweet Killer. Come to me." Instead of me walking to him he pulled me and shoved his tongue down my throat and I welcomed it.

I pushed him onto the bed, our lips never leaving each other, and I straddle him. I ripped off his shirt and pants as he move his fingers taking off all my clothes and soon we were just two naked bodies rubbing against each other.

After my orgasm it was over too soon. He pulled out of me and thats when I got back on top and laughed.

"Jak-ah I am the Empire now!" I said as I chained his hands in cuffs to the bed frame.

"What are you talking about Killer?" Jak-ah looked alarmed.

"Oh Jak-ah." I laughed once more. "I have been wanting to take over for years! And I'm finally doing so! I always hated when you bossed me around or tell me when to come to your room or you are the only person to fuck. So here I am taking over your ass and this palace. Oh and don't call Ishka, he has been working for me."

"Ishka?" Sadness drifted into his eyes. "Why are you doing this my love? With my best friend as well?"

"I never loved you! I fucked you for fun. It was always for fun!"


"Power. Pure and wonderful power." I smiled. Ishka. Come here and bring your men it is time. I got of Jak-ah as Ishka and his men enter.

They all took a double take at my naked body. It's like they have never seen a girl naked before when I know all of them has fuck a girl.

"Take Jak-ah to the room and I hope you remember the spell." I said to Ishka.

"Of course Night Killer." He bowed to me as his men got a hold of Jak-ah. "We took care of Kai-ah's team and put Kai-ah with the ten boys."

"Good." I smiled. "I am moving their deaths to dawn. Bring Kai-ah with you. Same place. Sunny Hollow."

"Ishka!" Jak-ah looked at him. "How could you do this to me? We are best friends!" Before Ishka could answer Jak-ah was already out the door. Once all of his men were out Ishka turned to me and smiled.

"You should dress like that more often."

"Get out of here Ishka." I said. "Get those boys ready. Dawn is approaching us. I turned back to my clothes as Ishka left. The smiled on my face never left as I got dress.

As dawn came up I was already at Sunny Hollow. This would their first time to see me without dying. The boys were chained to ten poles standing in the center of the village. Kai-ah was off to the side.

As the sun rose, villagers started crowding the center. I stood in front as I addressed them. 

"Hello dear Sunny Hollow." I said. "I am Night Killer and I am now you Empire!" I heard gasps and screams through out the village. " I'm going to kill the ten that you sent to kill me!" I laughed. "But first Kai-ah."

I pulled Kai-ah towards me. "Goodbye sweet Kai-ah." I laughed and stabbed her more then once.

"KAI-AH! NO!" I turned to see Scott saying it and laughed even more.

"You loved her?" It took me awhile to stop laughing but I did.

Before anything else I turned to Nick. "Nick, you can still join me to save your death. I told you my offer stands until you say no."

"Nick!" Jack looked at him. "You were about to agree to join her!"

"No!" Nick yelled in his defense.

"But you thought about it." John said. "Thats all that counts."

"I will not join you." Nick said to me.

"Very well I was hoping you would. Pity" I sighed. "Now which one of you will die next?"

"Hazel." James said. I froze once again and felt my heart beat faster. I loved it when he says my name. Wait thats not my name.

"I'm guessing you are going to die first!" I said as I ran to him.

"Hazel! Wait! Please!" He stopped me from killing him. "I know you Hazel. You are not like this. You are sweet, funny, and smart. You couldn't even hurt a fly!"

"How wrong you are!" I flew my head back and laughed.

"Hazel." I looked backed at him, our eyes met. I wanted him to kiss me to make love with me. I needed him. "Hazel, I love you."

Thats when everything stopped.  "What have I done?" I said as I felled to my knees crying.

The End

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