Chapter 16


"Jak-ah, it's been a week." I entered his room getting straight to the point of my visit. "Night Killer is getting bored and having her that way isn't good."

"You are right Ishka." He said as he looked out a window. For some reason Jak-ah loves looking out every window in this palace. "Night Killer is coming." 

"I did not kill him!" She yelled as she entered.

"But you were damn close too!" Jak-ah turned to face her. First his expression was furious but after a second his face soften. "I have no further used for these boys. So their death will be in two days in the morning in front of Sunny Hollow."

Before Killer asked why I explained.

"Sunny Hollow sent those ten to destroy you Killer." I said. "There was a prophecy about you. That ten boys will come to defeat Killer of the Night."

Killer started laughing. "They think that those ten-" She couldn't continue because she was laughing too hard. After a while she got control of her laughter. "Yea I'll kill them in front of that stupid village. Is that all?"

"No." Jak-ah said. "You can go, I need to talk to Ishka." She left but sent a message to me. Come see me after you are done.

"Ishka. I want you to tell Dita thank you for will you?" Jak-ah smiled.

"Yes sir."

"Go and make sure Adam is OK will you? I want to make sure he is alive." I nodded and left. Adam was last on my list of things.

Right now I was worried. How am I going to get rid of Jak-ah and Night Killer at the same time? If she kills those boys then we are all screwed and if she takes over Jak-ah she will be Empire! But if the ten boys do defeat Killer how would we defeat Jak-ah?

"Ishka." Killer appeared around the corner. "Tonight. Get your team ready and remember the spell. But when you take on Kai-ah's team, keep her alive. Kill her team."

We departed. What did she have planned for Kai-ah? I was suppose to kill her. I must tell Dita! Oh Dita my love please don't be mad at me.

Instead of being in hologram I decided to mind message.


What Ishka?

Killer and I are taking over the Empire tonight.

Ishka I love you please be careful on who's side you pick.

I pick yours Dita. Always have been.

I feel like you are on Night Killer's side. Taking over the Empire. Telling him about the prophecy. Helping the ten getting torture

But I also trying to help them Dita! I told them how and what to do!

But you also taught Night Killer magic!

I'm sorry love.

Not sorry enough. Goodbye Ishka.


She didn't replied.


Tears came down my face. What am I going to do? I can't lose Dita. I love her! I want her! I need her! I'm so confuse on what I am suppose to do! I'm trying to please everyone with out my own head getting bitten off. 

I must see the boys!

I ran into their room. "Bad news." I said seeing that Adam was okay. "Jak-ah is planning your deaths in two days."

"We kinda have an idea." James stood up. "I am going to visit Hazel tonight and talk to her. With the help of them."

"NO!" I put my hands up as I stopped him there. "Not tonight! Killer has a really bad plan! If you interfere you will be dead in a second!"

"What is she planning?" Nick leaned against the wall, arms crossed. "To over throw Jak-ah." I answer him. "We must let her do this. Then we can end her or something."

"What will happen to Jak-ah?" Carter asked.

"There's a room where I will put a spell on him so he can never leave." I turned to Chuck. "The room you found is the room." His eye blue eye's went wide.

"What did she mean my being bound to him?" He asked.

"It's Dark Magic. It's side effect for that certain spell binds us to the person. Killer doesn't want to bound to him forever."

"So why do you want to?" Scott asked.

"We were once best friends." A frown appeared on my face. "He is still my best friend."

"And yet you are turning on him." Adam stood up. "Why would you do that to your friend?"

"I'm saving him!" I yelled. "Saving him from the thing he loves! The thing he created! This is the only way!"

I haven't told anyone about my friendship at the palace. Only my village knows. Best friends ruling the world they thought. 

"So what are we going to do?" John asked sitting on the floor against the wall.

"We are going to wait." James said. "Wait until Jake is taken over by Hazel."

The End

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