Chapter 15


My stomach fell sick with unease when I sat down next to James. I wanted to talk to him, mainly because Scott has been disappearing and Nick and Jack been ditching me to go ride boards. We only had three, Scott always took one. The other guys are always out walking. So I thought it would be a prefect time to talk to James.

No one has talked to James since we all found out the way to end Haz- Night Killer. So it was time for someone talk to him.

"James?" I said as I turned my head, against the wall, to him. "What's up? Have you thought about anything?"

James just sighed and spoke for the first time this week. "How can this all be happening? How can all of you have fun?"

"James we are not having fun." I said. "We are just trying to find something to make us happy. Filling ourselves with hope and joy."


"Have you been outside this room? This palace is amazing! With all these secret places. You know we found a ramp area and we have three skateboards." I smiled.

"So you guys like it here?" James asked.

"Fuck no. James we hate it! Everywhere we go we run into Hazel." I said. "She has turned into our worst nightmare. Chuck and Carter aren't bouncing off the walls anymore and Austin has got less annoying. John is still John though. Scott and Jack are always trying to find a way out with the help of Nick. But we are all trying to do something while you sit in this room all by yourself."

"What should I do Adam?" James talked loud enough to be yelling but yet at the same time he wasn't yelling. "Hazel has me unable to speak when I'm around her!"

"She has that on all of us. It sucks I know. But we have to find out something. I don't think Jake will keep us long since we have been here for a week now."

"We have been in this world for three weeks, Adam. I hate this world so much." I laughed at that. "We all do James. So what are we going to do?" 

"Well we need Hazel. And Ishka."

"James sorry but I don't think Ishka is so great." I said.

"Why not?"

"Well he's always working with Hazel. You find her you find him too. They are like always together, so I don't trust him."

"Adam I see why you are concerned but Ishka may be our only hope to take down Hazel."

James didn't know that the whole group has been thinking twice about Ishka. No one would say why they don't trust him but we just don't. "Should I get the others?" I asked.

"Yes." I got up and was leaving the room when James spoke once more. "Do you think Nick would come?"

"I will try." I said honestly. Nick is going to be a tough one to bring back to the room with James but then again if I say that James has an idea to get out of here he might come. It's wroth a shot.

Personally I love this palace! So breath taking and everything. But yet I felt unsafe walking in all this beauty. 

I haven't ran into Hazel since the time we found her having sex with Jake and everyone has seen her since, well except for James and Nick. So I wasn't pushing my luck today.

"John! Austin! Dean! Chuck! Carter!" I yelled as I saw my friends walking on the other end of the hall. "Come back to the room. James has a plan."

"James has a plan?" Chuck asked.

"Yes." I said as I turn to the ramps. "Going to get the rest see you there!" When I got to the ramps only Jack and Nick were there. No Scott.

"Nick. Jack." They stopped as I approach. "James is figuring out a plan to get us out of here."

"Finally!" Nick said. "It's about time he does something."

"Let's go." Jack said. "Adam aren't you coming with us?" He asked realizing that I wasn't walking with them.

"I have to find Scott." I said walking away.

"Be careful!" Nick called out. 

Where could I find my best friend? Scott never keeps a secret from me so where would he possible be?

Someone grabbed me from the behind, then I heard her laughter. I think anyone in my group could recognize her laugh since we heard it when she's torturing us and in our nightmares.

"You guys think you are so tough?" She laughed slamming me against the wall. "I disagree!" Pain spread trough out my body. It was horrible awful pain. She was using magic to hurt me! I thought Dita said that she didn't know how to use magic!

She was wrong. Dead wrong. What else was she wrong about? I couldn't....... think....... to.... much...... pain.......

"ADAM!" I slightly heard someone called for me in the distance. Suddenly the pain was gone and so was Hazel. But Scott was holding me in his arms. I found my best friend.

"Adam! Are you okay?" Scott's eyes were filled with worry. But I couldn't answer him, I was unable to speak. "Adam you are going to be okay! I will get you to the guys and-"

Scott's voice started fading while everything else...... went black.

The End

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