Chapter 14


I find it really hard to understand people especially my friends. One is Scott, who keeps disappearing at random times. Austin is another, always being loud and so annoying. Chuck too, it seems like he's keeping a secret and keeps his head down whenever Ishka enters the room.

Ishka is another one, talking to us being on our side then next doing want Hazel wants. Also there's Jake, why is he keeping us around? Just to keep torturing us? I might as well add Hazel to my list, how does killing give people joy? I can go on and on about how I don't understand my friends, but the one I completely don't understand is James.

First he wanted us in to come into this world and save Hazel but then decided to help Sunny Hollow (which I kinda made him) to defeat Night Killer. He knows how to end it.... So why won't he?

Is he shocked that Hazel was in love with him? Or shocked at what she had become? Whatever the reason, he should suck it up and just end this! I'm tired of being torture! I never had so many scars on me.

I can't stand being in the same room as James so I always leave and thankfully I never had run into Hazel.

I walked unknowing where my feet were taking me until I felt the outside breeze hit my face. I was standing on a somewhat bridge that connected the top of two towers. I don't know when but suddenly everything was made out of stone.

I stopped walking and go to the edge to look around. What surrounded the palace was beautiful! You would think that the nicest king was living here instead of the worst Empire with his deadly weapon.

Jake did make it where we are unable to leave, but did it work up here as well? I was planning to get on the edge and fall, Dita taught me how to use magic if I'm falling of a cliff once. So why not test it?

I stood there for a while then finally tried to fall. Key word there: tried. I felt like I just hit glass and I open my eyes. I felt the glass against my face but I didn't move an inch from the bridge. Thats when I heard laughter behind me and knew who it was.

"Good job." She said. "Did ya honestly think you could die that way? That easily?" Hazel's laughter was just mocking me.

"No I was just testing." I grunted.

"So why are you always alone? Always by yourself? When everyone is together?" Hazel asked. "Do you want power?" 

"Yea I want power, but can I get it. No." I said without thinking. I looked at Hazel and her eyes were looking at me. Like checking me out kind of thing.

"You are a very interesting color you know?" Hazel looked away out to the view. "Power? I can help you with that. Nick if you join me I can give you all the power you need."

"Why would I do that?" I asked.

"Power can give you so much more. More than you can imagine." She smiled.

"And betray my friends?" Why is Hazel asking me this? "Why do you ask me? Why not James?"

"Why would I want a fool like him?!" She hissed at me. "I offer this to you because you are different from the rest. Something in you I like but I still hate you."

"No I'm sorry. I can't betray my friends." I said as I looked down at my feet.

"I knew you would say that, but my offer still stands. You will, in the end, join my side." She walked to the East Tower then stopped and slightly turned her head towards me. "I live in the East Tower, you can find me there when you decided to join me." She vanished.

Hazel is so...... Different. I remember how she acted when I brought up James. She despise him- no hates him. She likes me better than James?

But then again she is Night Killer. I hated Hazel in the other world and sadly thats changed. Even with all the torture I kind of respected her.

Don't get me wrong, I do hate her, but not as much. She's now a badass! Taking control and talking smack. But when or if she remembers us how will she be?

I didn't dare enter the East Tower so I went back the way I came if I could remember. Then I heard Scott with a girl.

"Scott?" A girl asked. "Do any of your friends no about us?"

"No Kai-ah." I heard Scott's voice. "No one knows." I turned the corner to find Scott kissing the girl. He's been keeping this a secret!

Instead of staying there I left. If he wanted to keep that a secret then I won't tell. Besides I have my know secret, my little talk that I had earlier with Hazel. 

I didn't go back to the room where James was I instead went to the North Tower. In this palace there are five towers: North Tower, South Tower, West Tower, East Tower, and the Center Tower.

Heading to the North one I saw Ishka. And what was strange was that he was talking to someone in a hologram. It was Dita!

Of course! Ishka and Dita are lovers! Man I am finding out so many secrets. I just wish my secret would keep me safe from the torture, but it didn't.

The End

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