Chapter 13


I was with Nick and Adam when I got the message.

Scott? It was Kai-ah's voice inside my head. I could recognized her voice anywhere. Scott please meet me in five minutes by the West Tower. West Tower. I knew where that is! That's where we first met!

"Hey Nick! Adam!" I yelled as they were skating the ramps that Jack found. "I'll be back later if not I will be in the room."

"Okay see ya Scott!" Nick yelled.

I was skating to the West Tower when I ran into Hazel. Bid mistake! I landed right on top of her. She hissed at me and pushed me into the wall.

"If it wasn't for Jak-ah you will be dead by now!" Her eyes were filled with hate. I wanted to say her name but I didn't dare. Only James can save us that way.

She let go of me and walked off, I didn't move until I couldn't hear her footsteps no more.

What went through Hazel's head when she saw us? I wish she did remember me like she does with James. If I were him I'll be saying her name all the time. But sadly it wasn't up to me.

I know that I'm not the only one that questions James motives of why doesn't he want to say her name. Is it because he doesn't want the truth of her in love with him? Or does he love her?

Whatever it was no one can convince James into doing it. But I wish we could. Oh right! Kai-ah is waiting for me!

I finally reach the West Tower where Kai-ah was stand there beautifully. "Kai-ah." I spoke her wonderful name.

"Scott." She smiled. "I need to warn you that Killer is up to something."

"What do you mean up to something?" I moved a piece of hair out of her face.

"I don't know but I'm worried for you guys. All i know is that Ishka is apart of it." Ishka? 

"Are you sure Ishka?" I asked.

"Ishka is under the arms of Night Killer. He will do anything for her. Even if its killing you guys."

"Kai-ah, Ishka is on our side." Well I think. I started to wonder now. Ishka comes in after every torture to talk to James. But every time one of us sees him he's with Hazel always doing her biding. Was what Kai-ah saying true? Can we trust Ishka?

"Scott I just don't want to see you get hurt." Kai-ah put her head in my chest. I tilted her head up and kissed her lips.

Our kiss deepen. I loved kissing her. Kissing her was like lighting me on fire. I thought this would never happen. Here I am kissing this beautiful girl that I barely knew but kissing her made me feel so much joy that I hadn't felt since I got here. But she pushed away.

"Sorry Scott." Tears started to fall from her face. "I can't." Kai-ah ran off.

"Kai-ah!" I called and ran after her. Thank God she wasn't fast. I pulled her into me. "Kai-ah. Please let me enjoy this." I said to her. "You are the only one or thing that has filled me with such joy since I got here."

"Scott. You don't understand." She turned her head away but I pulled it back.

"Make me understand." I said firmly.

"Scott, I love Jak-ah."

"But he doesn't love you." I wiped away a tear from her face. "The truth sucks. I know, I've been there. But once a door closes a window opens. Or another door opens. I really don't no which one but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you need to forget the past and move on."

"Scott." Her ocean blue eyes looked at me. "Could you forget the past if Night Killer changes?" Her question shocked me but so did my answer.

"Yes. Haz- Night Killer isn't her self she was changed against her will." Well I hope it was against her will. "I don't know why but I care about you Kai-ah and I don't want you to cry anymore."

She just nodded and put her read back into my chest. "Scott. Who was Night Killer before all this?" 

I sighed. "Her name was Hazel. She was kind not hateful like you've seen her. My friends and I used to pull pranks on her all the time. It was fun. But we were never friends. More like rivals. But that all change when Jake came."

"Who's Jake?" Kai-ah asked.

"Jak-ah. He went by the name Jake in my world. He changed everything. Even made Hazel apart of us."

"If you guys didn't like her when why go after her?"

"I guess it's because we did like her after she joined us. We played games with each other and had a blast. But it wasn't my idea to go after her."

"Who's idea?"

"You asked a lot of questions." I smiled.

"It's just that no one could be that evil before Jak-ah did all that I just wanted to who she was before all this and why you guys still have hope in her."


"Yes Scott. It's in all of your guys eyes whenever you look at her, hoping that something will happen."

"Yea Kai-ah we are hoping." I looked at her. "It was James' idea to go after her and now we are here. Hoping."

"Well I hope everything works out." Then she kissed me.

Later she told me about her self. "Please don't think of me old, but I'm twenty-six years old. Jak-ah found me in my village Oak Tree where I was doing farm work when he came and knock me off my feet.

"My parents were never happy about him. They always said that there were better men out there then Jak-ah.

"But who could turned down the Empire Jak-ah? So I went with him but it was later that I found out that he destroyed my village but kept my parents alive."

"Why did he do that?" I asked as we walked down the hallway that lead back to the room.

"So that I'll stay with him but Night Killer killed my mom. My mom was her first killed. And you heard the other day that she killed my dad."

"Then why stay?"

"Night Killer will come after me. Plus I am one of Jak-ah's best team besides Ishka and Killer."

We said goodbye but before I enter the room I pulled her around and kissed her. I don't care how old she is, she still sends me joy.

The End

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