Chapter 12


Things just don't feel the same after a third time of torture. Or the first, or the second. But right now I just want to hide in a corner hoping that Hazel won't find me but knowing she always will. 

So what's the point of hiding if you know you are going to be found? Is it the comfort the hiding place gives you? Or is it just hoping its never gonna find you and you pray it doesn't get you but in the end it always does.

Thats how I feel. Scared and lonely. I have always looked to the older guys to protect me and defeat what is trying to hurt me. But this time I see my own fear in their eyes.

I wish I knew what James was thinking. I keep glancing at him hoping he say something encouraging but he doesn't say a word. He just sits there in his own little corner.

Nick never wants to be in the same room as James, but I can't blame him. Scott, Adam, and Jack are always running off with skateboards. 

Carter goes out and roams the palace while Dean, Austin, and John comes and goes from time to time. Only one person never leaves the room is James.

The one I always thought could do anything! Wasn't afraid to stand up and do what's right but right now everything I thought he has proven wrong.

I can't think of anything happy. Nothing is enjoyable anymore. I couldn't laugh at a single joke plus no one has said a single joke ever since our first torture.

I didn't want to roam the palace today because when everyone goes out they run into Hazel and I didn't want to.

I looked at James curled up in a ball on the floor with his head on his knees crying. James isn't the only one that cries, we all do I have even seen Nick cry and I thought he never cried.

But there I go again. I thought James was different. I thought Nick never cried. Maybe me thinking  is just wrong. Like my point of view of things doesn't matter anymore. Am I really that worthless? Do I not count?

I want to make someone laugh but I can't. With everything going on no one is in the mood. Not even Carter nor me.

I always bring people's moods up make them happy, cheer, and just be joyful. But I can't do any of that here. Here I am just hopeless.

James crying made me want to leave so I did. The palace is a really pretty place. With big huge pillars and marble flooring through out the whole place. There was gold things everywhere. This place was so beautiful you would never have guess what evil lurks behind the shadows.

I really wish I could go outside and feel the breeze against my face. Being locked up in a palace sucks! Thank God Jake is nice enough to have us walk the palace freely instead of keeping us in one room. 

I heard Scott, Adam, and Jack in the distance. I saw Dean, Carter, Austin, and John walking the halls. We said hello and they wanted to know if I would join them but I turned them down and kept walking.

I didn't know where I was going, my feet were just dragging me along when I ran into Hazel and Ishka talking. 

"Soon Killer?" Ishka asked.

"Soon Ishka." Hazel replied. "Very soon." Hazel notice me. "Hey you there! Turn to me and tell me your name!"

I knew she was talking to me so I did what I was told. "Name's Chuck."

"Uh." Hazel said. "Thats a strange name." She stared at me for a long moment expecting me to do or say something. "Well get lost!"

I scramble away from her and Ishka. Knowing if I linger I might regret it later. So I went on my merry way. I don't think we should trust Ishka. He's like Hazel's salve doing all her bidding.

As I ran I found a little hidden door that was open. I looked around to see if anyone was watching and I went in it. There were stairs that were made out of stone lead downward. 

I finally reached the bottom and this place was huge! But what was it used for? There were cobwebs everywhere which means no one has been down here in a while. But wait wasn't the door open?

I heard footsteps coming down the stone stairs. Then I heard Hazel's voice. I have to hide but where? I found a place under the stairs and hoped that Hazel won't find me.

"Ishka this place is prefect to keep him!" Hazel said as she reached the bottom with Ishka behind her.

"When I destroy those boys this is where he stay. Remember the spell I told you to keep him in here?"

"Yes Killer. But why don't you what to do it?" Ishka asked as he was turning around to see everything, and thats when he saw me. He turned back to Hazel.

Oh please don't say anything about me. Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!

"Because that would make me bound to him. And I can't be Empire if I'm bound to him. So thats why your here." Hazel turned towards him. Ishka turn so where she couldn't see me.

"I understand Killer." Ishka bowed his head to her as she walked back up the stoney stairs with her heals banging all the way. Ishka turn to me. "Hello Chuck."

"Ishka what were you to talking about?" I asked.

"Oh Chuck nothing you need to worry about. Because by then hopefully all of this will be over." Ishka patted my head then followed Hazel up the stairs but before he left he said one more thing. "Please don't tell anyone this Chuck. Please keep this our little secret." Then he finally left.

As soon as he left I was out of there! I didn't want to still be there if Hazel returns and headed straight to the room James was in. It turns out everyone else was in there even Nick.

Only because it was torture time....

The End

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