Chapter 11


"Dita! Dita!" Someone yelled my name. I came running. "Yes was is it child?" I asked Rad who was yelling.

"I found Sabb! Follow me!" Finally that kid was found. It's been two nights since the Ten left us and more of us have died. Sabb went missing they day after. Everyone thought Sabb was taken as well. 

"Sabb I brought Dita!" Rad said to his friend. "She'll help you!"

Sabb was all bloody up. He looked like someone had tried to kill him but failed. Night Killer definitely didn't hurt Sabb. Once I healed Sabb I was summoned to see Hic. Hic was our Chief. 

"Dita." Hic said as I came in. "What do you know of Night Killer now?" 

"Hic all I know is what Ishka told me." I frowned Ishka hasn't tried to talk to me in a couple days.

"What about the boys?" I turned away I didn't know anything and I really wish I did.

"I'm sorry Hic. All I know is that they are still alive and so is Night Killer." Hic nodded. 

"When was the last time Ishka has talked to you?"

"Sir we haven't talked face to face in years. More like thirteen or fourteen years. I last sent him a mind talk was four days ago. We usually talks to me almost every day. I'm worried about him."

"I'm sorry Dita but I can't help you with that." He paused. "Dita, have you heard of a girl named Hazel?"

Hazel? Of corse! James and Nick had a fight over a girl named Hazel!

"What about her sir?"

"She is important. James saying her name is the only way to survive."

"How do you know this? And why James?" I wanted to know.

"I somehow know things Dita. Now run along I feel Night Killer closing in." I left.

I wanted this all to end. Why isn't Ishka talking to me or at least trying? What's so important about this Hazel girl? Why is it all up to James?

And this village depended on me.

Ishka why won't you answer me? I just want to hear your voice. Please!  

The End

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