Chapter 10


"Why do you need those boys Jak-ah?" Night Killer asked as we enter the conference room. "Also why are you letting them walk around freely? You might as well let them leave!"

"Killer my love," I said as I sat down at the end of the table. "I still need them.  Anyway Killer, I want you to do more torture to those boys."

"I want them dead not just torture." She sat down and put her feet on the table. "I hate having company listen to everything I do. That Scott kid shouldn't have that board."

"Killer I gave it to him. He loves the ride it gives him."

"Jak-ah I once rode those boards to Sunny Hollow during the night. That board is to fast he shouldn't have it."

"Oh Killer." I shake my head. "I have arrange the boys later today to be in the same rooms that they were in last time when you torture them."

"I want them all unable to speak." Night Killer said. "I want the pain to be seen through their eyes this time."

"Very well." I wrote that down. "Anything else you want?"

"Yes." She got up and head to the door. "But you won't let me kill them."

"Going to get ready?" I asked but all she did was nodded. I love watching the way she walked but when she left she did it with such grace. "Ishka." I motion him to sit down who was standing by the door.

"Jak-ah. Why do you need those boys?" Ishka sat down where Killer was sitting.

"Ishka I need them to make sure that Night Killer doesn't remember them." I said as I stood up to look out of the window. "I took her from them years ago. And I have to make sure she doesn't turn back to the way she was."

Ishka nodded. "How long are they going to be here for you to make sure?"

"A week."

"What about Kai-ah?" I always wonder about her. I stared out seeing the beautiful sensory I saw Kai-ah down by the waterfall.

"Kai-ah needs to move on. I want you to take care of her. But don't kill her!"

"I can't love her Jak-ah." Ishka said. "I have already loved someone else, I can't love anyone else." That he said I already knew. Kai-ah was the past. Killer stole my heart that I can never get back. 

"I know Ishka but I want her to stop crying and realize I will never go back to her. I've been with Night Killer for thirteen years. I was with her for only five."

Ishka didn't say anything for a while. "What do you want to do next?"

I turned to him. "Destroy Sunny Hollow." I smiled. I knew that is was where Ishka grew up but I needed that village. It's the last village that can stand a chance against me. After them all the other villages will join me.


"Although I'm having fun playing with them I'm gonna have you decide since you were born there." I folded my arms against my chest.

"Let's do it after we deal with the boys." Ishka said. "We can't always do everything at once. After the boys are gone I think Night Killer will be ready. Since she is trying so hard not to kill those boys. And we both know she likes going on a killing streak."

"I agree with you. When those ten are gone we will defeat Sunny Hollow." I turned back to the window then slightly turned my head towards Ishka. "Why does Killer want their mouths shut?"

"That Jak-ah I do not know." I nodded and looked back out the window dismissing Ishka.

"Jak-ah." He said before leaving. "I think you are the one that needs to talk to Kai-ah not me." And he left shutting the door behind him.

I looked to see if Kai-ah was still at the waterfall which she was. I was there in seconds.


"Jak-ah!" She jumped at the sound of my voice. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to you," I said closing the space between us. 

"What is it Jak-ah?" Her eyes suddenly filled with hope. "Kai-ah I want you to stop hoping and forget about what we had." I started walking away.

"Jak-ah I can't!" She grabbed my arm. "I love you!" Tears flowed down her cheeks. I pulled my arm away.

"Fine someone else to love because I will never love you."

"Jak-ah." She whisper still crying. "Why are you keeping me alive if you don't love me?"

"I never loved you." I laughed. "I just always need someone who was easy to use. I'm keeping you alive for only one reason. So you can help me take over." I left her crying.

I wanted Night Killer right now  and I found her in our room. Well mainly hers but we share both our rooms.

I grabbed her waist and started kissing her and finally found her lips. I shoved my tongue down her throat. 

"Killer." I moaned.

She back away. "I'll be back for more after I see to the boys." She smiled.

"Please hurry." I frowned. "I'll be back when I'm done Jak-ah." She was gone in seconds. Hoping she wouldn't take long torturing them. But knowing Killer she will.

So I waited on my bed for Night Killer to returned to me. Finally she did.

The End

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