Chapter 9


Some things just don't make sense and right now James is not making any sense. I don't see why he doesn't want to stop all of this. Just none of this is making sense!

Something else doesn't make sense, Jake is letting us walk around the palace freely. But we can't leave it. I have tried, Adam, and Jack have tried and somehow can't we can't step outside.

What I hate most is that I feel like I'm being watch. Everyone knows that something dark walks this place.

Adam, Jack, and I were exploring the palace and we found Jake's room. We didn't mean to find it the way we did but we did.

We heard noises coming down the hall so we walked towards it. We put our ears to the door and heard moaning. Someone was having sex in there.

We hid around the corner to wait to see you comes out and were playing to jump them when they get out, but we didn't dare to once we saw who is was.

It was Hazel as she stepped out of the room her head snapped towards us.

"Enjoyed the sound?" She laughed and walked off with an evil look in her eye.

"Come in boys." Jake's voice summon us. "Now I will tell you something." He said as we walked in. "Night Killer's body belongs to me. None of you can have sex with her! But everyone else I don't care about. Understand?"

"Not to sound rude and all but we don't want to fuck Hazel." Adam said bluntly.

"Good. Now boys I want to give you something." He turned to his closet and brought out skateboards! "I have no use for these now. So take them."

We did. I felt joy all through my body as I skated down the hall racing Jack and Adam. After a while I lost them and I was sreaching hallways when I suddenly ran into a person by going way to fast. We both fell onto the floor.

"I am so sorry!" I said and I realize it was a girl I ran into. She was beautiful. So beautiful I couldn't breath. Long blond hair. Wonderful ocean blue eyes. Way to go idiot run over a sexy girl. I should be more careful! 

"It's fine." She said.

"I'm Scott. I'm really sorry about-" I stopped in mid sentence because I realize she was crying. "What's the matter?"

"Kai-ah!" Hazel appeared down the hall, Ishka was with her. "I'm glad to inform you that you father just die by not doing as he is told. Now you have no parents. Which means you belong to me!" Hazel laughed. 

"Killer." Jake came down the hall out of nowhere. "She belongs to me and you know that."

"Jak-ah she killed both of my parents." Kai-ah cried. "Ah Kai-ah yes I know." Jake smiled. "I was the one to tell her so. Now Killer I have to discuss some stuff with you. Ishka come as well."

They left Kai-ah crying but before they did Hazel noticed me standing there. "You! Get lost!" She said and walked off.

"Scott." Kai-ah said my name. "There is something you need to know about Jak-ah. He wasn't always so harsh. He still has a good heart."

"You love him?" I stared at her coldly. She only nodded. "Why?"

"Because I was his lover before her." She said quietly. "He was gone for a week. Left Ishka in charge of everything. But when he came back he brought a girl with him. At first she was struggling but he took her into his room and I never saw her until four years later she was known as Night Killer. During that whole time of her being in there, We heard screams then moaning then more sound of torture then more sounds of sex.

But Scott, only one person was ever allow to go in there during the screaming part was Ishka. I don't know what he did but he was part of it."

"Why are you telling me all this?" I asked. Kai-ah stopped crying but her frown never felt her face.

"Because every time you look at Night Killer," Her eyes met mine. " I see shock go through your eyes. Everyone in your group has the same stare. I don't what you know about Night Killer but I'm guessing you knew her before Jak-ah brought her in."

"I-we did knew her." I said unknowing if I should tell her about Hazel being once a young innocent girl. 

"But there something else." She stared down the hall where Jake, Hazel, and Ishka left us. "It's Ishka. He knows everything. Only because he joins the people with the most power so he doesn't get killed. That's mainly why he joined Jak-ah and why now he's joining Killer."

"What are you meaning?" When she was about to answer me Adam and Jack came skating down.

"Hey Scott!" Adam said as he stopped. "Dude Scott," Jack said. "We found this really nice ramp area! You have to try it!"

"OK! Lead me there!" I said but before I followed them I turned to Kai-ah. I notice she was starring wide eye at the boards. "Kai-ah?" Her ocean blue eyes came back to my eyes. "When can I see you again?"

"We will see each other soon. I promise." She replied.

"How soon?" Something about her made me wanted her.

"Don't worry. Go join your friends."

"Kai-ah." I put a sad face on. "Oh Scott. I never know when I have time to meet you but when I do I promise I'll come to see you. I promise."

And with that she left me.

"Scott!" Jack yelled. "I'm coming!" I yelled back.

I joined my friends but I kept thinking about Kai-ah. "Scott who was that girl anyway?" Adam asked. "Her name is Kai-ah." I replied.

"She's hot." He said. I just smiled. After being happy that I can't wait until tomorrow night we saw Hazel again. Apparently she wasn't done torturing us.

The End

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