Chapter 8


"James?" I heard Carter's worried voice. I slightly open my eyes and saw my friends. For the first time ever I was really glad to see them even if they have bruised faces.

"Hey guys." My voice was horsed. Scott jumped at the sound my voice and turned to face me.

"We all thought you were dead!" Adam said. "You looked the worst out of all of us." I couldn't believe Hazel did that to us but than again I remember what Jake said to us.

Hazel hissed at Jake and left with another guy. "What did you do to her?!" I demanded. 

"When I meant that she was mines, I meant it boys." Jake laughed. "When I took her from you guys thirteen years ago I made her mines."

"How could you do that?" Carter asked. "Did you used Dark Magic or something or did hypnotize her to follow you? Did you knock her out? Did you mind control her or eat her brains? Did you-"

"Enough Carter!" Jake raised his hand and slapped him. "You are still so fucking annoying! I did use Dark Magic on her. I made her fall in love with me. I also made her where she can never go back to who she once was. Do you think Hazel could go back to who she was before all the killing she been through? I don't think so!"

"How could you do that?!" I yelled. "What did she ever do to you?"

"James, she did nothing to me." Jake said. "I fell in love with her but she never felt the same for me. She felt that for you. And you only James."

"Me? We hated each other."

"Yes you James! No she could never hate you. So I made her for me and only me! So I can make love with her whenever I wanted! And I love it! Best thing is she doesn't even remember you guys. And definitely not you James." 

"Wait a second." Nick said. "You took her from us thirteen years ago. How is that possible when we enter seconds after you?"

"Oh Nick." Jake laughed. "Time flies in between worlds."

"Hazel will never be the same?" Chuck asked. "No sorry Chuck. Hazel is now mine and nothing can change that."

"James?" Nick's voice shook. "What did Hazel do to you?"

"Almost killed me?" I answer unsure. I heard the door of the room open and I saw a figure. I wanted it to be Hazel saying she didn't mean to hurt us that this was all an act. But it wasn't her it was the guy that left with her earlier.

"Hi my name is Ishka." He said. "I... I .... I don't know how to say this but.... Look I know Dita has teach you guys.... Because....."

"Dude what?" Adam said confused. Actually we were all confused.

"Look okay this is hard for me to do knowing Killer will kill me if she ever found out about this." Ishka said. "I'm in love with Dita and we were about to get marry when I got recruited to work for the Empire -by the way if Killer ever finds out about Dita she will die so I don't ever mention Dita-anyways  if I didn't accept I would have die! So I join them. But I have some information you may need at this time."

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked. 

"Jak-ah used Dark Magic on Night Killer. Jak-ah is great at magic but he hasn't master it yet."

"So there are side effects!" Chuck jumped up.

"We just need to find this side effects." Jack out his hand to his chin.

"I have already found one." Ishka said. "Jak-ah doesn't have her heart. She's planning to take over and become Empire. So we have to stop her becoming Empire or we all all are screwed."

"I think I know how." I spoke up. I was finally putting it together. I had Hazel's heart not Jake. "When Night Killer was torturing me I said her name and I saw Hazel in her eyes. I mean the way she used to look at me. She couldn't even look into my eyes after that."

"She was in love with you wasn't she?" Ishka asked. "James my boy this is pretty much up to you to stop her."

"No. I can't do it!" I stood up. "There is no way I can do it! She has always like Chase or Jordan. Not me!" 

"James," Scott started saying. "We are not blind. We all know how she feels about you and you about her. You have never in your life ever pulled a prank on her! James just think."

"I am thinking Scott and I say no!" I turned away.

"How can you be so fucking selfish James!" Nick yelled at me.

"Oh I'm the selfish one?" I yelled in Nick's face. "As I recalled you didn't even want to come into this world to save Hazel."

"I have changed my mind James! We are trying to save this world! Or did you forget? Because I know I didn't forget!"

"Ishka." John said trying to change the subject. He didn't like us fighting. "Where is Hazel now?"

"She is having sex with Jak-ah at the moment." He replied.

"She has have sex?"Scott asked.

"Scott don't even think about having sex with her."Adam said. "Adam I'm just trying to fine a way so I don't have to die. I can always be her entertainment." Adam just shook his head.

"Let's have James think for a while." Ishka said." James I don't know what is going through your head at the moment but I want you to remember something."

I looked at him. "What?"

"You, only you can save us all."

The End

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