Chapter 7

Night Killer

I was sitting in a tree far above the ground watching them. I counted ten boys. Odd they don't seem trained or scared. They are laughing. It was making me sick.

Jak-ah, I sent a mind message to Jak-ah. I have ten boys building a camp tonight. I'm killing them now.

WAIT! Jak-ah's voice boomed into my head almost making me jump. Don't kill them. Bring them to me. Please Killer don't fight about this.

"Ishka!" I hissed. 

"Yes Killer?" I heard Ishka in a tree behind me. "Bring these ten to the to the palace and have Kai-ah help you."

"What? No killing?"

"Jak-ah wants these boys. Unharmed. So I'm going to see Jak-ah about this now. So just do as you are told. You hear me Kai-ah?"

"Yes Killer." Kai-ah's voice struggled. "Messed up Kai-ah," I said. "I will kill you."

I left them and within seconds I was in front of Jak-ah.

"Killer." He smiled. 

"Why can't I kill them Jak-ah?" I clenched my teeth. I needed that joy of killing them. He owes me.

"Killer my love," He put his hands on my face. "I need them. But don't worry you can torture them later."

I pulled my face away. "It's not good enough!" 

"Oh Killer." He got closer to me. "When I'm done you can have them. Kill them the worst way you can." 

I smiled. Jak-ah kissed me on the forehead. He kissed all around my face then finally reached my lips. His kissed was deep. I knew Jak-ah was in love with me but I could never feel the same. Love makes me sick but the pleasure is just too fun much to miss.

I pulled away. "Ishka is back."

Jak-ah put the boys in a room where only the light shined on them everything around them and the light was dark. We enter the room and I hid in the darkness with Ishka. The boys were awake and unharmed. 

"Hello boys." Jak-ah said as he stepped into the light. "Long time no see since the last time I saw you."

All of the boys' eyes went wide and someone whisper a name. "Jake."

I saw Jak-ah's smile widen. "Yes. It is me."

"Where's Hazel?" A little boy with black hair and very pale asked. 

"First off boys I'm Jak-ah."

"Your the Empire!" Another little boy. "Yes Carter I am. It's been thirteen years since I last saw you. So things change."

"What are you talking about? Where is Hazel?" One boy asked who was really dark color. Black was a very close color to his.

"Hang on just a sec. I want you to meet Night Killer. Killer please come into the light." Jak-ah looked at me.

I hissed and stepped into the light. They were in shock. "Hazel!" One called out. I looked down seeing if I was wearing anything hazel. I'm wearing my black corset and my black leather pants with my black boots. There was no hazel.

"Killer my love," Jak-ah turned to me. "Can you leave for a while. I need to talk to these boys in private." I hissed and left but before I did I made Ishka followed.

"When?" Ishka asked.

"In a couple nights." I replied. "I was going to do it tonight but those boys have change all my plans."

"I'll call my team off."

"I hate being order around. I can wait to take over." I was planning on take over the Empire Jak-ah and becoming the Empire Killer. But now I want to find out what's so special about those boys.

"Ishka. Once I find out what's so interesting about those boys, I will take over and will kill them."

Killer you are wanted back. Jak-ah's voice came into my head.

"I'm heading back." I said. "Go tell your team to wait a couple of nights." We depart as I headed back to the room.

You can torture them now.

I smiled. Jak-ah separate the ten into 4 rooms three in each and only room with one person in it.

In the first room I learn the three boys name. Chuck, Carter, and Austin. They kept calling out hazel the whole time. Which annoyed me. I left the room covered in their blood. I hated that I have to let them live.

The next room held Dean, John, and Jack. They too yelled hazel. So this was pissing me off. I left that room covered in more blood.

Nick, Adam, and Scott were in the third room.

"Hazel! Don't you remember us?" The one named Scott asked. "I don't of this hazel you speak of." I laughed in their screams of pain.

I loved this! But the only bad thing was keeping them alive.

Last room was only holding only one boy. James was his name.

"You see me boy?" I laughed. "I'm covered in your friends blood. All nine of them. And now it's time to add your blood on it all." I laughed.

"Hazel." He said. I froze. Something inside me warmed up and it was funny feeling.

"Don't say that!" For the first time I looked into his eyes. His golden brown eyes seem familiar. I was getting warm and I wanted to get closer to him and kiss him.


I looked away. "Hazel?" He said again. 

"Stop saying that!" I pick a weapon. He is going to pay making me feeling this way. In the end of his torture I felt him at the brink of his death. 

I smiled at Ishka as he was gathering all the boys to put them back in the same room they were in before. I headed to Jak-ah's chamber.

"Killer." He greeting me as I enter. "Get cleaned of please." I hissed at that. I love the feeling of the blood on me. But I need more entertainment tonight.

When I got done cleaning off the blood Jak-ah pull me to his bed. At the same time I was wondering why I put back on my clothes.

He started to kiss my bare shoulder as he took of the strap. I laid down on my back as he took off my corset.

His lips touch the tips of my breast as he undid my pants. At the same moment I took of his pants and ripped his shirt off. 

Now we were completely naked. Jak-ah lick and kissed me all the way down my body then back the way up to my lips. I flip him over and started my licking and kissing all over his body. When I reached back to his lips he went back on top.

"Ready for the best fun yet of the night?" Jak-ah asked.

"Give it to me Jak-ah." I moaned. 

I wished it lasted longer but it didn't and I fell asleep.

The End

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