Chapter 6


"Dark Magic," Dita explain. "Can be very useful however it's side affects come in the worst out of the magic."

"What ya mean?" Jack asked.

"I mean you can use it but when you do you would mostly likely died or something you used it on won't work completely. No one has master Dark Magic. Not even the Empire Jak-ah."

We have been at this for a hour now almost two and I feel like we are getting nowhere. Austin was so tired falling back to sleep and everyone else is following his lead.

Dita came for us this morning for our decision. "So have you decided?" Her sweet voice drifted into the room.

We were all awake except for Adam, he's a late sleeper. "Hey Dita." I smiled.

"Morning James." Her eyes flicker to Nick then they were back at me. "Well?"

"We are going to help." I said. "We might fine Hazel while we are saving your world since we have no where else to go or have idea where to began."


And here we are just learning the basics and we hate this. Are we really going to use magic to fight Night Killer? Or are we going to fight?

"What's the point of all the magic stuff anyway?" Scott said out of boredom. And thats when Dita went off.

"Learning magic is one of the only ways to defeat Jak-ah and Night Killer!" Her voice was booming across the room. "It's one only reason Night Killer is alive! Fighting is just part of it! Night Killer knows NOTHING about magic!"

She had power in her voice that no one knew about it. It frighten us all.

"Barely anyone here can use magic. But it's the only way."

"What makes you think we can do magic?" Chuck asked. "I mean how can we use magic if we are not even from this world?"

Dita calmed down and smiled at Chuck. "Chuck, from the moment you guys enter this world I felt your power. I felt how strong you ten are. The reason why I could feel you guys is because I'm a witch."

"You a what?" Carter's eyes grew wide. "A witch. There's more out there. I'm not the only one in Sunny Hollow who's a witch. But I was the only witch that could feel you guys arrive."

And with that we were all confused. We were sitting there looking at her with unbelievable faces.

"What?" Dita asked. "You see green, blue, yellow, red, purple and orange color people here and you think it's unbelievable that I'm a witch?"

"No Dita." I said. "We believe you just don't understand what you just said."

"Now let me get this straight." Nick spoke. "You are a witch. Who can feel power. But you can feel us. The Ten as you call us. And we have this power that can use magic? Us? Us ten? Miss I think you got the wrong ten."

Through out Nick's little talk Dita kept nodding her head until the end. "No. There is no mistake you are the ten."

After that we started training. Magic and fighting and we sucked. Dita kept her cool the hole time. If it was me teaching us I would have lost it.

Two weeks past and we trained dawn to dusk. Every night we crashed and it was hard to get up in the mornings but somehow we made it. But after those two weeks we still suck and that was when we got the news.

"Tomorrow night is the night!" Dita said at dusk as training ended.

"For what?" Adam asked. "For you guys to go out to fight Night Killer!." Dita was way to up-beat about this.

"Dita are you crazy?" John asked. "We suck!" Everyone nodded in agreement with John. For the first time John was not cool with something. This has burst his cool bubble. "We barely know anything! And you are setting us off to fight? Do you do this with everyone?"

Dita was shock how John reacted and so was everyone else. "John tomorrow is the only night." In the weeks I have known Dita, her voice never shook but today it did with John. "Tomorrow is the anniversary of the nine years that Night Killer has been here. And it will be the only night to send you guys out."

That night it wasn't easy for us to sleep. We didn't have to train the next day so were relaxing and preparing. And that night we left.

We were all standing at the edge of the village saying are goodbyes. Well the only person we really known was Dita. I saw two little boys running to Nick. Nick hugged them and I remember that night our first night the last thing Nick said was that two little boys change his mind.

Those two must have been the boys he was talking about. "Rad!" A blue lady called from the crowd of people saying goodbye to us. The two boys went to her.

"Good luck." Dita came up to us. "Be safe. And please remember what I told you." Worried went through her eyes.

"We will be okay." I hoped and we set off.

As we were walking in the forrest we started talking. "You know," Adam said. "I don't think I'm gonna missed Sunny Hollow."

"Why not?" Scott asked walking beside him. "Too many color people." He said loud enough for Nick to hear.

"I don't know what ya complaining about," Nick said. "I think you would fit perfectly in there ginger boy." We all laughed.

It was getting so dark we couldn't see so we made camp and built a fire.

"Thank god I was in boys scout." Chuck said happily as he started the fire. "Oh yea." Jack said. "Make sure you tell all the girls that it might impress them."

"If that all he needs to depend on," Adam said. "Then he better fine a new hobby." Chuck just smiled. It was great that we were all in a good mood. 

Then everything went black.

The End

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