Chapter 5


I couldn't stand being in that room for to long I hated it! Stupid James bringing us here for no reason. I don't even see how Hazel got stuck into our group.

As I was walking I tripped over a ball. Two little boys were playing soccer it seems like to me. 

"Are you a part of the ten?" One of them asked. "Yes." He ran up to me. "Hi my name is Rad. And that over there is Sabb." Sabb walked over to us.

"You are black?" What Sabb was saying made it sound more of a question than anything. "I didn't know people could be black."

"My mom is blue." Rad said. "There's nothing wrong with that so why can't people be black?" Sabb just shrugged. "What's your name?"


"Nick you will protect us right?" Sabb asked. "From Night Killer?" "My dad died from her" Rad voice sadden. "And Sabb's mom died from her too."

Both these kids had one parent, just like me! "I'm sorry kids." Was all I could say everyone was dying here. Dita was telling the truth that they really did depend on us. I know what it's like to lose a father and it isn't fun. 

"So you will keep us safe right?" Rad asked me eyes filled with sorrow. "Yes. I'll keep you safe from Night Killer." The words spilled from my mouth without me even thinking about what I just said. 

"Rad! Sabb!" A lady called. And she was blue! Rad really wasn't lying when he said his mom was blue. "It's getting dark! We must hurry inside! Sabb your dad must be worry about you go home safely please!"

The boys said bye to me and left. I won't let anything happen to those boys.

"You see everyone is dying from her." Dita's wonderful voice came up behind me. "We need you. Definitely those two. Their last parents are in the next round of going to try to kill Night Killer."

"Don't send that group out." I clenched my teeth. "We will help." Dita smiled. "I'm glad. We been needing help since none of the other villages will help."

"Question." I said as we started walking down the road. "What is the name of this village?"

"Sunny Hollow."

I laughed at that name because it was pretty damn sunny. "Can you tell me everything thats been going on?"

"The Empire Jak-ah has been ruling for thirteen years. He is the worst Empire ever! After four years Jak-ah unleashed a deadly weapon name Night Killer. No one knows who Night Killer is or what she looks like, but we hear her laugh in the distance.

"My village is the fifth village that Jak-ah is having Night Killer take over. But no one wants to help. Every other village is having their own problems. He sends armies to every village but only Night Killer is the worst. Everyone fears for her to come to her village.

"The number one reason no one wants to help is because they don't want to bring her to their own village."

"How you know where to find us?" I asked.

"We didn't. Just somewhere near the village." She stopped walking and turned towards me. And man was she beautiful! "Will you guys help? I mean really? Everyone seems against it."

"Dita you have my word," I said. "With them or without them I will help and I bet James will agree with me." Her eyes shimmer with relief. "Thank you so much Nick."

My only problem is convening James and the rest to help as well. Man I feel like an idiot! But those boys kept flashing in my head so I know what to do.

I walked back to the piece of shit hotel that we were staying in. They could at least give us a better place to stay if they wanted really wanted us to help. I walked in.

James was standing by the fireplace while Scott and Adam were on the couch. John and Dean were playing chess. How in the world did that get there? Jack was falling asleep in a chair and Austin was in the other chair. Chuck and Carter were on the floor playing with dust bunnies.

"James. We need to help." I said as everyone turn to look at me. "No Nick. We can't." James said.

"James everyone here is dying! We need to help!"

"Nick I'm not putting us in danger when we only came here to find Hazel!" Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and pulled their attention to James and me.

"Maybe when can find Hazel on the way! What if she is already dead by Night Killer. We need to help!" My hands were balled into fist. I Started to count how many time I have to say we need to help.

James was quiet and stared into my eyes. After a while he finally spoke. "Fine. I know you will stay and help even if we leave so I guess we help." James looked around. "Is everyone okay with that?"

Pretty much everyone nodded.

Everyone was going back to what they were doing before I walked in when Scott asked. "What made you change your mind?"

"Two little boys."

The End

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