Chapter 4


"Hazel!" I called out when I saw Jake take her with him through the wall. And what they went into was a bright white hole in the middle of my wall.

"What the hell just happen?!" Austin looked at me. Well he wasn't the only one looking at me so was everyone else. No one knew what just happen. THEY WENT TROUGH MY WALL!!!!

"We have to go get her." I said. 

"James are you crazy?" Nick said behind me. I turned to face him.

"Then what are we supposed to do Nick?"

"Leave her! I don't want to go after some girl I don't even care about!" What Nick said made me really mad.

"How can we just leave her?!" I yelled at him. "She could get raped or die without us going after her!"

"No James! We shouldn't care about a stupid girl like her!" Nick rarely pisses me off but right now he was doing it. How could he not care if she died or not? Nick really isn't that heartless.

"Fine let's put this as a vote." I said. "Should we stay or should we go in?" I already knowing that Scott, Adam, Chuck, and Carter were on my side I turned to the other four looking if the were going to join Nick or me.

Austin went to stand next to Nick which didn't surprise me at all. Austin always wants to be on Nick's good side but Nick hated him. John and Jack looked at each other. They nodded and joined me. 

Dean just stood there for the longest time. But in the end he just shrugged and nodded towards me. I won, Nick lost. We were going in.

"So it's final we are going in." I turned back to the hole in the wall. It was huge! Oh man my mom is going to kill me if she sees this!!!!

Scott and Adam went in the hole first. It feels like we were going into Narnia. Well it did to me at least.

Next went in was Chuck and Carter followed by Austin, Dean, John, and Jack. "If anything happens to us in there," Nick said as he was about to go in. "I'm blaming you." I followed him thinking I might regret this plan as I walked in.

I more liked felled in then walked in. I was on my hands and knees with smooth grass beneath me. "James!" I saw Carter pointing at something in the sky. I turned to look. Its was the hole we fell from! And it was closing! Nick turned to me. 

"How are going to get back in James?" He said being pissed off. "I blame you if we get hurt and never going to be able getting home. Thanks to you."

Before I could responded this beautiful voice came from behind us. 

"Hello." She was beautiful! Her red hair look like fire dancing in the day with the sun shining on it. She had wonderful ocean blue eyes. Amazing freckles bounced around her face. She was wearing a pretty green sundress.

"You ten have finally come!" She smiled which was best smile I have ever seen! "We have been waiting you guys for nine years!"

"What are you talking about?" Carter asked. I realized that I was still on the ground. I stand up quickly hoping I didn't look like an idiot looking at her.

"Please come with me. I will explain everything there." A flashed of worried crossed her lovely blue eyes.

"No." Nick stepped up. "We only came here for our friend." I looked at Nick. He was making no sense.

"Please. It's about to get dark." She plead. 

"We don't even know you!" Austin pointed out. "How can we trust you?" "My name is Dita. You must trust me at this very moment. You ten will depend on me from now on. Without me you all will die."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked. "Why would we have to depend on you? Where are we anyway Dita? Will you tell us?"

"What is your name?" Dita asked me. 


"Well James this world is called Ghea. And I will tell you the rest later. It's not safe at night so we must hurry to my village." I saw again the worry in her eyes.

"Fine we will come with you.." I said. 

"No! James." Nick grabbed ahold of my arm. "What are you thinking trusting someone we don't know? Remember how that turned out last time?"

I knew what he was talking about. Shaun. Who is now in college but why did Nick want to bring up a very unworthy person. Shaun betrayed us in the worst way possible but that doesn't mean Dita is the same.

"Nick where would we go?" I calmly asked. "We have nowhere else to go. She gives us a place it might not be good but at least we have somewhere."

"Fine." Was all he said as we followed Dita to her village.

When we enter the village, everyone was crowding us and shouting something like "They have come! The Ten have come!" or "Dita you did it!"

Dita took us to a place that looked like a crappy hotel. It was three stories tall and four rooms on each floor. We ended up on the third floor with a good view of the village.

We enter our room which was super small with one room and bathroom. One couch was center in the middle of the front room with a chair on both sides. Nick, Scott, Adam, and I sat on the couch. Jack and John sat in the chairs while Austin, Dean, Carter, and Chuck sat on the floor. We all stared at Dita as she began to talk.

"You ten are a part of our prophecy 'There will be Ten. To save us all from the Empire and his Killer of the night.' That appeared when Night Killer came to us. That was nine years ago. You ten are The Ten to save us. Many of our people have died from her. Only you ten can protect us." 

"What are you talking about?" I jumped up from the couch. "Us save you? What about everyone else? Why couldn't they save you? We know nothing!"

"I will teach-" Dita started to say but I interrupted her. "No! I'm not putting my friends in danger when we only came to find Hazel! Get out of here Dita."

Dita hurried to the door but paused and turned to look at me. "Please think about it. Everyone is dying here and we all have waited so long for you guys. Please just think." And with that she left.

"James this is all your fault!" Nick jumped up and got so close to my face. "Because of you we are stuck in this stupid place! Oh yea we just getting Hazel!"

"Nick what are you worrying about we are not fighting for them!" I fought back. "But we are still here!" Nick said. "They won't let was leave until we do help and you know that!"

But before I could say anything Nick stormed outside with a big slam from the door.

"James." Chuck said. "What he gonna do?"

"Let's just let him cool off and figure out where Hazel would be." At the moment I was agreeing with Nick.

The End

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