Chapter 3


The weekend went by fast which surprised me. What surprised me the most was that the boys played no prank on me.

On Sunday afternoon I decided to walk by James' house when I saw them but not just them. Jake too.

Nick notice me. But when he said something James turn to Jake and  

Nothing! Something Jake said or something he did made him make James decided not to.

Weird thing it seem like Jake was in charge of the group now. And  
everyone was okay with it! I don't like it and I don't think I ever will.
When I told Karrie everything about how Jake is now taking control of  
the group she freaked out. I don't know why she freaked out like she  

So when Monday finally pulled around I really didn't want to see Jake at  
all. But as I strolled into first hour Jake was in there smiling at me. I felt his heat.

I wanted to turn around and leave but I didn't. I have to face my  
fears or something like that. "Hey there Hazel." Jake said as I sat  

I don't like this. I don't like this. I don't like this. I don't like  

I thought this class would never end with the heat never did but when  
it did I raced out of there. I ran into James.

"James!" I yelled being out of breath. He grabbed ahold of my  

"Hey Hazel" His soothing voice said. "Is everything okay?"  
Everything I was worrying about disappear. Everything about Jake and James' group was gone. I really really liked this feeling.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I smiled.

Just as I said that Jake came up and all my thoughts came rushing  
back. But the way Jake looked at James wasn't pleasing. It was a  
deadly stare. What did James do to Jake? Well whatever happen if Jake even lies a finger on James I will break him!

"Hey Jake" James said with unease.

"James." Jake nodded. 

"Umm...... I said feeling very uncomfortable. "I got to get to class. Bye James. And uh.... Bye Jake." I felt them.

At lunch the oddest thing happen Scott and Adam were waiting for me at my table. At first I thought they were finally pranking me. Which made me filled with joy! But I found out it wasn't a prank at all.

"Hazel!" Scott called out.

"Mmm hi Scott and Adam. What brings you here?" Adam answered me.

"We want you to join us for lunch." Karrie, Ashley, Jordan, and Chase were just as shock as I was. I looked at my friends for advice. No help there.

"Hazel we aren't pranking ya." Scott said. "Just come sit with us." I started laughing.

"You guys are to good. Tricking me to your table thinking it's not a prank. Good one boys."

I sat down at my table. "Karrie how did you do on that math test?" I  asked her as I felt Scott and Adam leave.

"It was freaking hard as  balls!" Karrie said.

"I thought it was easy." Chase joined in the  conversation.

"All math tests are easy to you Chase!" I flick some of  my salad at him.

"Hey!" He flicked some back.

"Hay is for horses!" I  laughed as Jordan and Ashley and Karrie joined the food fight with Chase and me.

I suddenly felt the heat once again. Jake must be starring at me. When I felt a hand on my shoulder turned to find my eyes looking into Jake's.

"Come join us and I promise you won't be pranked or harmed in any way or form." Jake smiled.

"No Jake." I said. Apparently Jake didn't take no as an answer. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to his table. No not his. James table the boys table.

I sat in between James and Jake while Adam, Scott, and Austin sat  
across and Nick pulled a chair to the side of the booth.

Adam and Scott started talking about games. "How far are you?" Scott  
asked him.

"Not far. "

"What game?" I asked.

"You don't need to know." Nick said. Adam ignored him.

"Its CoD." My eyes went wide then we all got started talking about Call of Duty. Adam invited me to his house someday to play CoD.

Lunch was interesting but for the rest of the week I ate with him. And  
the Saturday we were all at James' house. Jake was also there which I did not like at all.

When I was following James to the living room Jake grabbed me from the back. I think Jake likes grabbing me. Sad thing about all of this I got use to the heat.

"She is mine now James." Jake said. What in the world is he talking about. 

"Jake are you okay?" James asked.

"You guys never cared about Hazel. But she care about you." Jake said. I wanted to face him but he was holding me with a firm grip.

"Jake let Hazel go." James said.  By now Jack and John were getting  
closer on both sides. Chuck, Carter, Scott, Adam, Dean, and Austin  
were standing next to James while Nick stand in at the back.

"You ten had your chance." Jake said. "Now she belongs to me!" And with that Jake pulled us through a wall. The last thing I heard was James calling my name.

The End

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