Chapter 2


I arrived at school around 7:30. As I was getting to my first class I ran into James. "Oops! Sorry Hazel." I looked at his warm golden face. I was melting in his brown golden eyes. He moved his light brown hair out of his face. James is just a golden boy. He smiled at me.

"It's fine." I somehow manage to say. "So how did you get home last night without us noticing?" James said touching my face.

I back away from his touch. "I have my ways." I smiled. "Come on Hazel!" James put his hand in his pocket. "I taught you how to skateboard!" 

"Doesn't mean I have to tell you everything." I walked off leaving James glazing at me, which made me all very warm inside.

The bell rang. Our class started with Mrs. Hart introducing the new kid. "Class this is Jake Rams." Jake Rams looked Cuban, well mainly his skin color. He move his dark hair out of his eyes. They were beautiful! His eyes looked as if they were dark chocolate waiting to be eaten.

"Hazel." Mrs. Hart looked at me. "Raise your hand." I did so. "Sit next to her please Jake." Jake took his seat. 

"Hazel." He said my name. His voice was so soothing, and I really like it! But something inside of me didn't want to. "Thats a pretty name."

"Thanks." I said trying so hard not to look at him. I all of the sudden felt heat. Tons of it, and I didn't know why. I wanted it to stop! My hands were getting very sweaty. I felt my sweat dripped down my face. I knew why I was feeling this.

He was looking at me!

Once the bell rang for class to end, I flew out of the class and suddenly cooled off. Why did his stare make me feel that way? Why was I sweating like a pig? Something about him wasn't right. And truthfully I didn't want to find out.

He wasn't in any of my other classes but round lunch time everyone was talking about the new kid. Well okay not everyone.

James, Nick, Scott, Adam, and Austin could care less about Jake. They were more concerned with pranking me.

"Hey there Hazel." I heard Nick's voice behind me. He wasn't alone. Standing with him was Austin with his hands behind his back and then I knew what the prank was. It's a lame prank especially  since it's Friday.

What they were going to do was hold a bag over my head with something really gross and then pop it. This had to be Austin's idea. I closed my eyes to embrace it remembering I have spare clothing in my locker. But something stopped them from popping the bag.

"Hey guys!" A voice came from the other side of the room. I started to heat up again. Jake was walking over to where I was.

Oh please, oh please, oh please, don't come talk to me. Oh please, oh please, oh please, be talking to Nick and Austin!

"Name's Nick right?" Jake asked.YES!Joy went through me.

"Yeah..." Nick looked at him weird. 

"May I join you today?" Jake asked. Nobody ever asks to sit with the neighborhood boys! Of corse only if you lived in the neighborhood.

Nick and Austin looked at each other. It was Austin that answered Jake. "Sure. Just follow us." The three of them left. I looked to my friends at my table.

Ashley's eyes were wide and glued to Jake. While Jordan and Chase was in shocked. "Haz." Chase said after finally taking a bite out of his sandwich. "Jake just saved you."

"Mmfyeah." Jordan said with a mouth full of pizza. "Theyfff were about to mmmff popfff bagmmm" I stopped Jordan. "Finish eating first, so I can understand you."

Jordan shallowed. "Jake saved you from the sick! At least, that's what it looked like to me. He was just in time too, they were about to pop it!" Jordan continued to eat. At that moment Karrie came to the table.

"Have I missed anything?" She asked as she pulled out her sack lunch. Jordan and Chase filled her in. Ashley finally dropped her glazed from Jake and started eating as well.

I felt heat hit my body once again. I started sweating. I looked at my friends none of them notice me sweating and they didn't sweat either. I turned and my eyes met Jake's.

I was suddenly scared of Jake and the way he made me feel. James distracted  Jake taking his glaze off of me. Immediately I felt normal. The heat was gone. I thought of Kingdom Hearts II when you have to fight Hades and he always says "Feel the heat."

Was Jake something like Hades? That's one stupid thought-no not stupid silly. Kingdom Hearts II is a video game while I'm in real life. I can be so freaking stupid! Ha ha 'Feel the heat' gosh am I retarded.

"Hazel?" Karrie shook me back to the table. "Jake is actually sitting with the boys?" "Huh? What?" I said. I looked back at James' table. "Yep he has."

It turns out later that Nick's and Austin's prank wasn't so bad. They had gotten my extra clothes and ruined them. There prank was so that I wouldn't have extra clothes and had to wear nasty dirty clothing. This had to be Nick's idea.

It made me smiled that their prank failed but this time I didn't even know I was dogging  it. Did Jake know of their prank? If he did why did he stop it? Why do I heat up when his eyes fall on me?

Although I did not know this boy I knew he was going to be changing my life around and I was right.


The End

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