Killer Series: Part 1 Jak-ahMature

Hazel is always getting picked on the neighborhood boys. Until one day a new kid comes to school. He changes everything. Made Hazel and the boys friends. One day he snatches her and goes into a different world Ghea. It's up to the boys to go in and save her. But what they don't know that they are part of something much bigger than anyone could imagine....

Chapter 1


I can't stand them! Why can't they leave me alone! We are in high school! Can't they grow up?! It makes me even more mad that I have a crush on one of them since forever!

I was walking home from my friend's house in my neighborhood when they spotted me. The boys of the neighborhood. There's ten of them and they all follow James (the one I like.)

James was the oldest. A senior (who should be grown up by now)! Then there's his nine little minions. Nick, Scott, Adam, Jack, John, Austin, Dean, Carter, and Chuck.

Sadly Nick, Scott, Adam, and Jack were in my grade (junior.) John, Austin and Dean were sophomores and Carter and Chuck were freshman.

They have bothering me for what seems like forever. But out of all of them Nick's pranks are the worst. It was impossible to not see him in one day. His pranks hurt me the most.

Carter's and Chuck's pranks weren't good. I always know who's prank it was. Everyone of them has a signature move. Except for James. I could never tell which prank was his. Maybe thats why I like him. And also why I hated him.

And on my way home Nick pointed me out. "James look! It's Hazel!" The ten of them were on either bikes or skateboards. 

I looked around, I needed a way out. Fast. Through the creek beds was my easiest option and I took it. As they were speeding towards me I ran into the wooded creek beds and hid in the tunnel that led to the sewers.

"Nick!" James called out. "She will need to head home sometime. Let's go to her house and wait for her!" Hiding in the tunnel I could hear everything they were saying.

"Let's have someone stay behind." I heard Scott suggesting. James agree with him "Dean stay here and wait for her to come out." James ordered Dean. Awesome! Dean is easy to pass!

I heard nine bikes and skateboards leaving. Dean started doing tricks with his board. I looked up to see where Dean was and I smiled. He wasn't paying any attention. I got out of the tunnel and was behind Dean. I pushed him of his board and before he could get up I took it and skated off. I heard Dean yelling behind me. Which made me even smile more.

At last I was a block away from my house and I stopped. I went to a backyard of someone's house. I first tossed the skateboard over than followed it. I sprinted across the yard and did the same for the next three houses. The fourth house had dogs. There were two so I pulled out two dog biscuits and fed those to them. They stopped barking and let me pass. I walked to the other side knowing if I run the dogs would chase me. 

Finally I was in my backyard. I tried climbing a tree to get to the roof but climbing it with a board in hand was hard. I looked for the rope I had hidden. Once I found it I tied the rope around the skateboard. I put the the free end of the rope in one of my hands and climbed up. When I got to the top I pulled the board up and untied it then threw the rope back to the ground.

Going to the front of my house I see the boys and Dean running towards them "She got my board!" He yelled. I smiled.

"Hey boys." I said. It took them a while to find out where I was. Austin found me first. "There!" He pointed. "Good job." I laughed and clapped. John and Jack both had flashlights and shined them at me. It blinded me for a second.

"Hazel." Nick growled. 

"Here's your skateboard Dean." I said tossing it to Chuck who barely caught it. "It's getting dark" I mocked them. "You all should go home before your mommies worried about you.

"When did you learn to skateboard?" Carter asked. Once again I smiled. They didn't need to know my secrets .

"Hazel is right James." Adam said shocking me. "Tomorrow is school and a Friday." James looked at Adam. "Alright." James skated off. Everyone else followed.

I waiting until I couldn't see them again then climb down a tree and headed inside. My mom called me. "Hazel! Your late!" I ignored her and went to my room and pulled out my phone. I texted Karrie. 

i did it Kar! i fool thm

Seconds later I had a reply....

Gj! ??? y ya lik james???

I responded...

y ya lik scott?

good point..... night haz =)

Karrie is the best. She has liked Scott for the past year. We both hate that we like those boys. But there has been something I haven't told Karrie. James is different without his gang around him. He is the one who taught me how to skateboard.

Thats right the leader of the pack helped me. Truth is I don't really hate them. I like the game of me dogging their next prank and it's fun to see them get mad when their prank didn't work.

Tomorrow is Friday. Their best pranks are always on Fridays. Which means an extra pair of clothes....

The End

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