killer chapter 2Mature

Once I woke up I was as fidgety as ever. I looked at the clock on my right, 7:01 am is what it read. "1 breath, 2, in, 3,4, out" this usually gets rid of my uarges but not today. I got dressed, as I did so I was trying to find my guilt for what I had done, dispite it just being a dream.  But none was to be found, I go down staire and had my usual breakfast then rode by bike down to my dads.

   I got there around 7:25 the time my father would be eating his food, the same thing everyday. He has a little twirk about him really. He is a bit compulsive. Everyday is the same, even when he kills it's never any different. Always at 2 past midnight, he'd make his final cut. When he woke in the morning it is the same thing everyday and in turn so was mine untill I moved out. I knocked on his door, 4 times no more no less. After around 10 seconds he answered the door, a big smile on his face. It was the smile he had when the things he killed where finally opened like a christmas precent really. He gave me a big hug then sat me down where he ate his food. "So." He asked joy in his voice for some reason. "How was the first time?"

   I went over every gory detail, painting a picture for him.  This seemed to be the only thing to get rid of the gitters I had that morning. It was like breathing for the first time and I was brought back to that moment. Looking over it's worn out body, it not daring to close it's eyes knowing if it did it would never open them again. Salty tears running down the side of it's face, it mouthing out the words everyone says. "Please." I could even hear the things heartbeating at that fast rate, finishing it's race. "Oh, silly I can't do that." I whispered into it's left bleeding ear. "Tom, no matter what you say nor do this is happening." I could hear the words echoing in my mind as I told my father, the grin on both our faces. A wave of calm came over me as I resited where I cut, how deep and feeling it caused for me. How could something so useless make me feel this way? I didn't care, all I needed was my fill for the time. I took my sweet time, keeping my toy alive to feel everything I was giving it. It was an older man, a perverted one at that. It was fairly simple to get him to where I needed it. It even paid me to do it. Untill I pulled the knife he thought it was all normal.  How sick where some of these things? Oh well, they'll are be dead by my hands one day or another.

   As I finished my last detail of the experiance we both stood up and headed to the back yard. It was time to get the fire started. A few hours later they arived. It was lucky for the things that we didn't need toys to be entertained that night. I just staired at the fire that night. Well thatw as untill someone interuped me. "Excue me?" I looked up at it, dark hair. One different colored eye. Around my age, a lose tee-shirt on and jeans not odd for the season. "May I sit here?" It asked almost to cherrfully then took a seat next to me. It looked avrage by his looks. For about another hour we just sat there, staring at the glowing fire. No other words at all. By this time all the other objects had left. My father put his rough feeling hand and placed it on my shoulder, "So I see you've met Jack here."  He gestured to the boy on my left.

  I looked at him confused, all he did was smile thoug. "He's Sam's kid. You remember Uncle Sam don't you?" I did clearly, he helpped my dad with hunts, clean up mostly but he did help with other things as well. I knew he had a kid but he never brought him on the hurts with us. "Jack huh? Well, I'm Mercy." I said with my usual fake smile. It was just another toy, I wonder why he's here though. Since his dad does live way up North. We all walked inside, the thing following. It's posture was different down, before the body langaure was quiet relaxed flowing even but not now. Now he looked as if he was a shoulder returning from a close hunt. Head held high, great posture, his arms only slightly swaying at the sides. Once there my Father closed the door and any open windows then sat down with me anf the object in the living room. Again he sat next to me but no a word was said this time.

The End

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